Heading blissfully forward with the GameSetLinkDump - and there's actually a surprising amount of good randomness this week - the attached picture is the fun, devious concept of an intentionally corrupted, gradually graphically destabilizing Super Mario Bros ROM. Can you complete it before it becomes unplayable?

Also in here - the PixelJam guys vs. Sarah Silverman, IFComp reviews times infinity, homebrew DS goodness, GAMBIT's Phorm, and plenty more besides.

Telling no tales:

Comedy Central: Games - The Sarah Silverman Program: Cookie Party 2 - Info
Totally cute promo game done by the indie kids at PixelJam - via Brandonnn.

sardius_: glitch, please
'The king of all corrupted Mario hacks is still Proceduralglitch3.nes, though. I don't remember who made it, but I got it off of an old thread at selectbutton.net. It turns Super Mario Bros. into a race against impending and inevitable doom, as levels will gradually become more and more corrupt over time.'

GAMBIT: Updates: Introducing Phorm!
'Phorm is the first game where players create their character using free-form modeling.'

IF Competition: General Reflections and Favorites « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
Wow, gigantic, scarily big round-up - here's everyone else reviewing.

Joystick Division: Video Game News, Views and Reviews - Post-GameCyte/TriplePoint Roundtable
Milking it much, guys?

Ludus Novus :: Necropolis
'Necropolis is a game about Ms. Lilian Trevithick, lady adventurer and radical steam technician, who has come to the infamous Necropolis of Ao in search of adventure. She descends through 25 procedurally-generated levels of traps and treasure to achieve her goal.'

Gaming by the people, for the people - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
'I checked out 29 of the community games in the beta and, of those, I’d say maybe seven were worth paying actual money for.'

Multiple:Option: UZA: The First Journey
'UZA: The First Journey is an arcade action game similar to Robotron/Geometry Wars.' Oo, please enter IGF Mobile with this, plz.

Achieve360Points.com - Live Score Tracker - Xbox 360 Achievements
As Danny points out - these achievements are bananas (B A N A N A...) - 35 points for pressing pause?

Play This Thing! | Game Reviews | Free Games | Independent Games | Game Culture
'Fraid is a quick parodic riff on Jonathan Blow's brilliant Braid. It features completely impenetrable "puzzles" that you essentially "solve" by doing random things until something happens, along with vaporous story text with the illusory feeling of literary depth but that ultimately means nothing.'