The second and final catchup session before we return to your regularly scheduled GameSetLinks programming, starting out with some machinima goodness, hurray.

Also hanging out in here in this marvelously random conglomeration -- Douglas Rushkoff's 'Cyberia', Secret Exit's awesome iPhone games, Wipeout HD's insano resolution-scaling tricks, and the Suda51-ish Optron, woo.

Go go go:

Machinima Filmfest 2008 | Announcing the Machinima Filmfest 2008 Nominees!, game cinemas still going strong, admittedly as a niche.

ktoormmp.gif (GIF Image, 250x156 pixels)
OMG genius GAF-ish Groundhog Day Vs. BioWare MMO randomness.

Ten Ton Hamster | Your Games. Your Friends. Your Worlds.
Yes, Ten Ton Hammer really has a kids' online worlds offshoot called Ten Ton Hamster. I boggled, too.

Gamasutra - Phil Harrison To Keynote Unite 2008
So Atari is buying Unity then? Rumor start!

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Demake Compo: Results!'
Yep, complete awesome.

Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace, by Douglas Rushkoff
Rushkoff's seminal piece of techno-silliness - still exceptionally readable - is now available for free online, has some game-related resonances (Chapter 15 on paper gamers, for example), and is generally worth presuing.

SPiN from Secret Exit Coming Soon | FingerGaming
Man, all the Secret Exit games are looking great on iPhone!

Inside the Digital Foundry: WipEout HD's 1080p Sleight of Hand
'Basically WipEout HD is the first game I've come across that seems to be operating with a dynamic framebuffer. Resolution can alter on a frame-by-frame basis. Rather than introduce dropped frames, slow down or other unsavoury effects, the number of pixels being rendered drops and the PS3's horizontal hardware scaler is invoked to make up the difference.'

Game Center CX’s Shinya Arino playing Mega Man 9. ... - Tiny Cartridge
Haha, totally cool - retro now future.

Optron: Brilliant instrument of noise ::: Pink Tentacle
Visually, looks somewhat hilariously like No More Heroes, heh.