Rarely do we at GSW randomly post gloriously silly videos, but at 'kings of the UK game scene' RockPaperShotgun, they've pointed out that the folks at Scottish video maniacs Consolevania have posted a video of 'Kevin Leddins, Nu-Skool Journalist' on YouTube - and I suspect you should probably watch it.

Not previously available (easily) online, the video is actually the first of two profiling the legendary -- and fictional -- avant game journo, who is in no way inspired by RPS' Kieron Gillen. (The second one, which has been available for some time, is the bottom vid on RPS' post on the subject).

Anyhow, if you need to know about nightmares involving Julian Rignall and giant percentage signs, as well as "that androgynous issue in Crash Bandicoot", you'd better tune in:

If you enjoyed that -- and I think it's almost, nearly profound at the same, which makes me N.Barley -- the other vid, which is more about 'indie games' (and Shroud Of Turin-type objects) might be up your alley. Oh, also there's Consolevania Series 4, just debuted. Plz watch now.

[In watching the second vid, indie pretension to the fore, I was also reminded of Mega64's 'I Am Independent' pastiche, which was one of three videos we commissioned them to do for the IGF Awards this year at GDC. Also, please watch the 'Intro' vid again with volume turned up too high and live vicariously.]