- So, you'll see a more formal announcement about this in a couple of weeks, alongside a very neat (and related) competition reveal, but we'd like to announce our new weblog FingerGaming.com, subtitled 'The art & business of gaming on the iPhone.'

But why? Well, this new site, which is edited for us by Matt Burris, continues something we at Think Services have been doing over the past few months and years - supplementing our industry-leading coverage of the mainstream game business, as showcased with products like Gamasutra.com, Game Developer magazine, and Game Developers Conference, with important emerging and vital submarkets such as Apple's touch-based handheld.

FingerGaming [RSS feed] is already publishing daily news, analysis, and reviews from the swiftly burgeoning iPhone and iPod Touch gaming scene, including the latest from Steve Jobs on the iPhone Store's game expansion, early impressions of iPhone titles including Spore: Origins and iSplume, and increasing concentrations on interviews, analysis, and trends in the new business.

In addition, the site is looking for iPhone game-related tips, announcements, news, and even potential developer diaries from those creating iPhone titles - you can reach FingerGaming via its contact page.

We believe that if we help aggregate information for creators (and dedicated consumers) of these submarkets, and then help them form communities through in-person events, networks, and shared knowledge, then everyone benefits.

- Now that we've launched FingerGaming, we'd like to point out our full set of submarket and 'focused' weblogs that Think Services currently runs, including the new site:

- GameSetWatch [RSS, jobs] (founded November 2005), Think Services' alt.game weblog, featuring informal editorials, interviews and opinions from our editors and special contributors.
- Game Career Guide [RSS] (founded August 2006), for student game developers and those considering entering the game industry - also helping to support the Game Career Seminar events.
- WorldsInMotion.biz [RSS, jobs] (founded June 2007), analyzing the business of online worlds - from MMOs to virtual worlds and beyond - supporting the Worlds In Motion Summits.
- IndieGames.com: The Weblog [RSS, jobs] (founded January 2008), for independent game creators, from Flash to downloadable and beyond - helping to support the Independent Games Festival and Indie Games Summit.
- GamerBytes [RSS, jobs] (founded June 2008), for digital downloaded console games, from XBLA through PSN to WiiWare and beyond - helping to support the Indie Games Summit.
- FingerGaming [RSS] (founded August 2008), for the art and business of gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch - helping to support GDC Mobile and IGF Mobile.

[We also continue to run GamesOnDeck - for non-iPhone cellphone gaming, and Serious Games Source, for educational, social, and other 'serious' gaming.]

In exchange for providing these sites to you, we hope that you'll consider posting your industry jobs on the Gamasutra job network, which includes or will shortly include all of these focused sites, or attending our conferences (such as GDC or Austin GDC) when they include focused content on those subjects.