-Aha, now we're picking out the best posts of the rest of the week from big sister site Gamasutra and elsewhere on our Think Services sites/blogs - with a couple of standout interviews leading things out.

In particular, our chats with Tomb Raider Underworld's Eric Lindstrom and Fallout 3's Emil Pagliarulo showcase the thoughtful interview style that we try to engender in all of our writers. And there's also XBLA game design documentation, some neat GCG competitions, Sins Of A Solar Empire's impressive sales number, and lots more:

Gamasutra Features

Lara Croft's Legacy: Moving Tomb Raider Forward
"Crystal Dynamics creative director Eric Lindstrom talks the challenges and joys of designing Lara's next steps forward in Tomb Raider: Underworld -- part renewal, part return to form?"

Revitalizing a Heritage: The Writing of Fallout 3
"As lead designer and writer of Fallout 3, Bethesda's Emil Pagliarulo is in a unique position to craft the game's style -- and he talks in-depth to Gamasutra about designing the much-awaited title."

Gamasutra/Other Originals

Wardell: Sins Of A Solar Empire Hits Low System Reqs-Aided 500,000 Units
"Despite a development budget under a million dollars, Stardock and Ironclad Games' Sins of a Solar Empire has sold a total of 500,000 full-price units at retail and online, Stardock's Brad Wardell revealed to Gamasutra - in part because the PC RTS is "...explicitly designed to work on a wide variety of machines.""

Documents of Newly Published Xbox Live Game Made Public
"Two official documents that got a new game, Shred Nebula, published on Xbox Live Arcade have been released to the public by James Goddard, CEO and founder of CrunchTime Games, Inc. The papers are being made available to foster more open communication between the professional industry and students of game development."

The Advent Of The 3D Camera: Softkinetic CEO Tombroff Sees Console Future, PC Possibilities
"3D camera systems have not caught on in gaming just yet -- but they seem to have massive potential, and in this interview, SDK developer Softkinetic CEO Michel Tombroff discusses his company's role in delivering that potential to both developers and gamers on PCs and consoles."

GCG's Design Challenge: RPG Competition, Weapons Winners Announced
"Sister site GameCareerGuide.com, which runs a weekly game design challenge, has announced a new competition involving scripting a mini-quest for a fantasy RPG, also revealing winners of a challenge in which aspiring game developers designed a new weapon for a FPS game."

Analysis: Pachter Suggests, Sony Rebuts On Xbox 360 Price Cuts
"Analyst Michael Pachter tells Gamasutra that a potentially supply-constrained Wii and a widening price gulf between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 might give Microsoft a 20 percent sales boost for the holiday season -- but Sony's Julie Han asks us: "How sustainable is that in the long term?""

Bethesda's Pagliarulo: Episodic Gaming 'Just Doesn't Get The Press'
"Fallout 3 lead writer & designer Emil Pagliarulo says great strides in game writing and design are often overlooked in episodic add-ons for Half-Life 2 and Oblivion, suggesting: "Unless it's a full game, unless it's got that full PR marketing blitz... I think people miss out.""

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