-Once more, time to check out superneat features on sister site Gamasutra and elsewhere on our Think Services sites/blogs - particularly headed by the BioShock postmortem that's already been front-page Slashdot and Digg this week, blimey.

Also wandering around in here - EA's Frank Gibeau on the future of Spore, some neat XBLA design documents, David Sirlin on using save games for non-evil, and even Rodney 'Parappa' Greenblat's abstract art as a visual scripting language.

Thursday I'm in love:

Gamasutra Features

Postmortem: 2K Boston/2K Australia's BioShock
"Starting a new series debuting notable Game Developer magazine postmortems online, project lead Finley reveals the secrets behind the creation of 2K Boston/Australia's seminal BioShock."

The Whimsy Of Domain-Specific Languages by Mick West
"Neversoft co-founder Mick West explores making your own mini-languages for games by creating Whimsy, a graphical DSL based on the abstract paintings of Parappa creator Rodney Alan Greenblat."

Saving the Day: Save Systems in Games by David Sirlin
"In an in-depth design analysis, Street Fighter II HD Remix designer Sirlin discusses who's done things right -- and wrong -- when creating save systems for video games."

Gamasutra/Other News, Features

EA's Gibeau: 'Large And Enduring Business' Planned for Spore
"Maxis' much-awaited Spore launches this week, and Gamasutra sat down with EA Games label head Frank Gibeau to discuss company expectations for the title, plans for console versions, and defining success for Will Wright's latest opus."

Bethesda's Pagliarulo On Fallout 3's Tone, 'Profanity Pass'
"As Bethesda's Fallout 3 wraps up development, lead designer and writer Emil Pagliarulo talks to Gamasutra about finding the right tone for the game, revealing his 'profanity pass' for dialogue, "...cutting out half the profanity in the game", as part of his work to fill the "huge shoes" of the original Black Isle franchise."

Interview: Kitase And Hashimoto On A 'Final' Final Fantasy
"Square-Enix has been subtly evolving its formula for the Final Fantasy series for the past few years. But where now? Gamasutra talked to Square's Yoshinori Kitase and Shinji Hashimoto about in the cards for FFXIII -- and whether there will ever be a 'final' Final Fantasy."

GCG: Shred Nebula Releases Design Documents
"CrunchTime Games’ Shred Nebula was recently released on Xbox Live Arcade – and now founder and CEO James Goddard has freely published its design document and '60 seconds of gameplay' doc via sister educational site GameCareerGuide.com."

Epic's Fergusson: Xbox 360 'Approaching Upper End' Of Visual Potential
"Talking to Gamasutra, Gears Of War 2 franchise senior producer Rod Fergusson has been discussing the Xbox 360's technological potential, suggesting that we're "certainly approaching the upper end" of what developers can do with it -- though adding that "there's room to grow" for 2010-shipping titles."