Hey presto, there's been some pretty neat stuff posted thus far this week on big sister site Gamasutra and elsewhere on our Think Services sites/blogs - particularly featuring education site Game Career Guide this time round.

Some of the highlights? An uber-detailed Street Fighter IV interview featuring producer Yoshi Ono, a fascinating postmortem of Schizoid for XBLA from co-creator Jamie Fristrom, game industry salary basics from GCG.com, the top U.S. console bestsellers thus far this year, with analysis, and lots more.

Here we go:

Saving Street Fighter: Yoshi Ono on Building Street Fighter IV
"Gamasutra quizzes Street Fighter IV supremo Yoshi Ono on the details behind the fighting game's return -- from 'hardcore vs. casual' to animation skipping, complex tactics and beyond."

Making Your Game Tools Fast And Efficient
"In this technical article, Cinemaware and EA veteran Khawaja looks at the UI and flow for game tools, suggesting practical tips to make your own internal tools and scripts easier to succeed with."

Postmortem: Torpex Games' Schizoid
"In an exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, Torpex Games co-founder Fristrom (Spider-Man 2) presents a fascinating post-release analysis of the XNA-utilizing Xbox Live Arcade co-op title."

2008's Top-Selling Games So Far: How They Stack Up
"With access to exclusive NPD data, Gamasutra runs down the Top 5 best-selling games in the U.S. for each console thus far in 2008, analyzing the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii software winners."

Preparing for WAR: Mark Jacobs on Launching Warhammer Online
"Warhammer Online is perhaps the most-anticipated MMO debut since World Of Warcraft, and Gamasutra catches up with Mythic GM Mark Jacobs, post-launch, to reveal initial results, comments on the competition, and more."

Paycheck: How Much to Expect as an Entry-Level Game Developer
"What will be the figure on your first game development job paycheck? GameCareerGuide, in conjunction with Game Developer magazine, is pleased to present you with a list of average salaries for entry-level and lesser experienced game developers. And, we've rounded up the average salaries from the previous two surveys as well to give you a closer and more comparative look at how developers have fared in recent years."

Results from the Game Design Challenge: Marketing Bullets
"In a recent Game Design Challenge you were asked to come up with three bullet points to list on the back of a war game. The game had all the generic makings of a typical World War II shooter game, and it was up to you to convince consumers that somehow this title was better than its competitors. How do you do that?"