- We gots to provides the GameSetLinks, and this time, there's a whole random knot of them - starting out with some impassioned, video-strewn backup for a recent controversial Game Developer magazine editorial.

But also in here - a couple more games created by the Singapore/MIT Game Lab, the latest 'Dash' franchise addition from PlayFirst, some rare prototype info from a canceled Atari 2600 game featuring The Residents, an attempted Lester Bangs game rant, and much more besides.

Big top peewee:

Brandon Sheffield declares graphics have become a commodity « Malstrom’s Articles News
Just noticed this v.interesting editorial replying to GDMag EIC Sheffield's piece: 'What Sheffield is talking about is when customers are at a level when technology is ‘good enough’ for their needs.'

Ludus Novus :: Benmergui’s Three Views of Love
Some interesting experimental games made for TGS' Sense Of Wonder Night - one of which is going to be featured!

GAMBIT: Updates: GumBeat debuts!
'Master our mastication-engine and gleefully guide a cohort of cavorting citizens past the police in order to persuade city hall to relax its War on Snacks in GumBeat!'

Press The Buttons: Penn And Teller: Bullshit! To Cover Game Violence
'The gaming community's self-appointed nemesis, Jack Thompson, claims to be part of the episode.'

PlayFirst® - A Not-So-Little Place Called DinerTown - PlayFirst Grapevine
Building a franchise around Diner Dash, and introducing "...Parking Dash... a time management game with a healthy dose of puzzle play."

A Brief History of A & B - The Quixotic Engineer
'With all the variety in gamepad mapping, it should come as no surprise that even veteran gamers can be betrayed by their muscle memory sometimes.'

GAMBIT: Updates: Announcing Moki Combat!
'No gamer will deny the abundance of games with the simple objective "defeat all enemies." What is remarkable, though, is that so few of them feature mounted combat, never mind having it as the primary focus.'

UNIQUE! - RESIDENTS / ATARI 2600 Video Game DEVELOPMENT - eBay (item 280269053469 end time Sep-29-08 19:00:00 PDT)
'Between 1982 and 1984, I developed games at Atari for the 2600 VCS system. One of the games which was about halfway done and (obviously) never released, was based on the San Francisco cult music band known as The Residents. Specifically, their album, "Mark of the Mole."' [Via GameSniped.]

dConstruct round up | Technology | guardian.co.uk
'Every time I've suggested to games people that they meet up with the weberati - an industry that has a far more mainstream and accepting audience than interactive entertainment, mind - I get a slap.'

Video Game Reviews and Essays: Lester Bangs rant
Some experimental game-ish writing based on that fellow that we don't have one of in game journalism, or something.