- C'est temps pour some more GameSetLinks, and it's headed by some neat UK-centric web/game design again, thanks to the BBC.

Also in here - Variety pointing out the GamePro cover iffiness, Nintendo's Eguchi exposed, a beautiful video game wedding (pictured!), Full Throttle sequel history, and a few more fun points.

My my my:

The Brainy Gamer: Meta4orce - chat with the designer
BBC still doing great game-ish interactive content: 'Written by acclaimed comic book writer Peter Milligan, Meta4orce molds together a four-part episodic animated series with eight integrated online games to tell the story of a team of genetically-altered detectives tasked with solving highly sensitive criminal cases.'

Ascii Dreams: More Spore prototypes
Wow, there's really getting to be a lot of good prototypes from Spore (pictured!), bravo to Maxis for releasing these.

God of War - postmortem | .mischief.mayhem.soap.
Really good notes on this classic GDC lecture with free MP3.

David Hellman » Blog Archive » Braid on NPR
Nice to see 'All Things Considered' picking up on Braid, thanks to Heather Chaplin.

The Cut Scene - Blog on Variety.com - 'GamePro's fall preview, featuring 47 games not coming out this fall'
'I don't want to be a stickler for detail, but isn't it a tad bit dishonest to print a cover boasting that the issue previews the "107 best games of 2008" and a feature with the words "fall preview: 2008" on every other page and then fill it with games that don't come out in 2008?'

The Forge · Videogame Wedding
'They entered the outdoor wedding to the Halo theme, their cake involved Han, Leia, and Ewoks, and each table was themed after a different game, with each guest getting a unique placard with a video game character on the front and bio of the character on the back (they were Master Chief and Cortana).'

Game developers on social networks can expect $1.20/mth/Daily Active User « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog
Interesting in _theory_, but do all games run ads, how, at what sizes, who is allowed to run them, etc, etc?

The rise and fall of Full Throttle: a conversation with Bill Tiller - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
Interesting tidbits on both canceled Full Throttle games (aw!)

Video Addiction Buttons, Biohazard Shower Gel | Proto-dev-grail-interesting auctions | gameSniped.com
'Resident Evil Biohazard G-Sample Shower Gel' is awesome.

EDIT: The Inside Story Of Animal Crossing | Edge Online
Nice history piece: 'As strange as it may seem, three years after the release of the Famicom in Japan, Katsuya Eguchi had never heard of Nintendo, the videogame developer, only Nintendo, the hanafuda card manufacturer.'