Yes, a double LBP post - having been lucky enough to get on the LittleBigPlanet beta, I'll be poking around this weekend in the plethora of levels already built by pre-release construction geeks - see below for a handy NeoGAF round-up of some of the highlights thus far.

But in the meantime, please to glory in the reproduction of these GameSetLinks, which include a little more Fristrom-esque feedback on the new Schizoid postmortem, plus indie games, ARGs, embargoes, and, uhm, brainpipes. Whatever they are.

Thunderdogs are go:

GameDevBlog: Schizoid Post-Mortem
There's, like, another postmortem in Jamie's post about the postmortem! Neat.

YouTube - E3 2008 Exclusive Gameplay Professor Heinz Wolff's GRAVITY WII AND NINTENDO DS
Not sure this video is the Wii or DS versions - still, another amusing Dr. Kawashima-related 'we'll get a scientist to endorse our game' thing. But it's a physics game, yay!

NeoGAF - View Single Post - The LittleBigPlanet BETA thread of hoo boy it's judgement time.
The Beta levels are really smart, this is probably the best user-generated content-oriented console game ever.

September 2008 Indie game Round-Up by Game Tunnel
Notable cos The Spirit Engine 2 hasn't got much buzz to date, but 'the illustrious panel' love it.

How USA used the Web to make Burn Notice an even bigger hit - Sep. 23, 2008
More ARG buzz, really.

Interview With Relic’s Tarrnie Williams — Part 1 « Vancouver Game Design
First question references Gamasutra, therefore we must link. Wait, that's a joke!

YouTube - experiencewii's Channel
Very funny, Nintendo/YouTube. Wait around, if you haven't seen the gag.

Drag-and-drop XNA development gets one step closer | Game Development | News by Develop
Good news, RPG Maker folks are certainly getting savvy about Western possibilities here, too.

Crispy Gamer - Column: From the Pulpit: Are Embargoes Really Necessary?
'But in the gaming industry, are embargoes really necessary? What is the overarching public concern?'

Digital Eel teaser image for... 'Brainpipe'?
The Pink Floyd (OK, Ozric Tentacles?) of the indie game scene tease a new title which looks... who knows? Awesome!