- Hanging out in Austin, but still passing along the links goodness - and there's a fair amount of triumph and hurt in here, from Keith Boesky ranting about GameStop, through the alleged first info on DJ Hero, a game I will be all over if it does indeed appear as rumored.

Also in here - the American arcade moves quietly on, Akoha does some kind of funky charity-based gaming business model strangeness, Muslim Massacre gets attention, game mag editors get their own back, and more.

On and on:

Back from AMOA ‘08 - some thoughts, impressions and a fire (and my little part in all this) « Arcade Heroes
Interesting to see the U.S. arcade scene still wandering along.

Sore Thumbs - Dan Hsu and Crispin Boyer's blog on mainstream game journalism
I haven't linked to this, but it does have resonance, because, I dunno - it's watching the fall of a profession that is no longer strictly necessary (the professional game reviewer), and the people who were kings of it are hurting on the way down - my now co-worker Christian has a sense of this loss, too, having been part of the process -- it's painful.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Gamestop Needs an Intervention Part 2: WTF Edition
'In reality you are not any different than the dude selling bootleg Batman DVDs on Canal Street in New York, you just have a bigger table.'

aderack: Where is Zar? Zar is gone. Eric-Jon Waugh: 'Not to overburden the player with complications right from the start. That's just good design. The hand-holding that's been going on, the last ten years though -- that's something else. Something insidiously banal.' Hey, come and write for GSW, E-J!

Developers face up to the pirates | Technology | The Guardian
'Fed up with his work being ripped off, gamemaker Cliff Harris engaged directly with the pirates. He is not the only one trying to deal with the issue, says Bobbie Johnson.' LOTS of publicity for this.

Kotaku: First DJ Hero Details: Turntable Controller, Mash-Ups, Guitar Co-Op

Game-ism: 'What Do You Do? The Series.'
Starting with a most agreeable interview with Gama/GSW's Leigh, all about her close relationship with the UPS guy, from what I can gather.

Akoha ~ Come Play It Forward
'Akoha is the world’s first social reality game where you can earn points by playing real-world missions with your friends.' - video demo!

The Raw Story | Muslim groups condemn 'Muslim Massacre' video game
This SA-spawned randomness is finally hitting the 'ban this sick filth' circuit - to which I give a resounding 'eh'. No major points made on either side.

2008 CEDEC Awards report | Develop Mag
One of the first developer-centric Japanese awards shows, good to see someone English-language covering (even if we couldn't make it).