Trying something slightly new - alternating 'linkdump' posts, which are our traditional GameSetLinks '10 of the best', with some slightly more drawn-out round-ups which have commentary on a few of the more interesting posts I've run into. Or at least, that's the idea. We'll see how it goes!

This first link dump has some fun, from XKCD's Spore riffing through a really, really odd GamePlay HD video series (incidentally, why is it that video crews (in general!) get all the preferred slots on media tours nowadays, even when they have a miniaturized audience?), and the history of Kirby.

I feel great:

xkcd - A Webcomic - Spore
Wry geek ramblings result in single-panel Spore gag.

Pro StarCraft players are insane | Remowned
With English commentary, some v.neat South Korean competitive gaming: 'As someone who hasn’t played StarCraft in years and would probably receive a negative ranking just for logging onto, I still find these matches to be a great watch.'

UBeat -US Location Test- -
US test of the futuristic looking multi-touch (well, OK, multiple panels to touch at the same time) Elite Beat Agents-style Konami arcade game.

Teaching Game Design: 2nd Ohio Game Jam: Results
'The third team took on the issue of child labor sweatshops. In their overhead-view action game, you played a child trying to escape from a shoe factory. You could pick up various shoes lying around each level (with tradeoffs for each: boots were powerful but slow, while flip-flops could be thrown quickly and accurately but did minimal damage).' Boggle.

1UP: 'The Complete History of Kirby'
A nice historical piece: 'Kirby has inhaled, swallowed, and floated his way across every Nintendo platform in one form or another.'

UK:RESISTANCE. Not making a difference since 1996: INSIDE A NORTH KOREAN ARCADE
Apparently Russian machines and some Japanese JAMMA cabs, alternately.

GamerBlips Profile - Douglass C. Perry
Future's new Digg-ish set of sites, including GamerBlips, MMOBlips, have hired former GameTap Read, IGN editor, I see - intemeresting.

Nikki the Knife vs Nvision - GAMEPLAY HD
Wow, described to me in a PR release as Gameplay HD's 'gonzo' journalist. Judge for yourself!

MegaDriver's free 'MetalHog' album release
Yep, Sonic the Hedgehog in flailing Brazilian metal stylings. Niiice.

Braid - the final word? | Game Development | Interview by Develop
TriForce-er Byron is almost a professional troll, which is a rich British tabloid columnist tradition, incidentally. Still - fun, in a 'get off my lawn' type way!