- A little more GameSetLinks, perhaps - this time seeing Jellyvision dropping more hints on the delicious return of You Don't Know Jack (Xbox Live, maybe? Or multiplatform?), alongside a glowing recommendation of the Track & Field DS remake, at least for retro idiots such as myself.

Also in here - Margaret Robertson on Spore for Seed Magazine, the GAMBIT/MIT Game Lab getting pretty surreal, the insane popularity of the Club Penguin Times, new analysis of The Last Guy, and more besides.

Straight from Switzerland:

Big News in Jellyland | You Don't Know Jack - BETA
'Hopefully, in the upcoming weeks, you'll hear some real big news about a real big deal we've made with some real bigshots who can help get YOU DON'T KNOW JACK back to where it belongs.' Interesting!

EIGHT TIMES UP: I'm off to EA!
Future's Dan Morris is another recent senior journo industry person => EA shift that I didn't spot until now.

arthouse | exhibitions - RESET/PLAY
Ooo, a good game=>art exhibition that's open during Austin GDC, co-compiled by Treewave's Paul Slocum - tres bon.

Recommendation: New International Track & Field for DS
My Track & Field fetish is well-known anyhow, but Sumo Digital has done a superlative update for DS, once again with awesome Konami fanservice included (Sumo is great at this type of thing - see: Sega Superstars Tennis), plus online highscores that are well-integrated.

Seed: The Creation Simulation
Oh good Lord, more Spore features.

Fans flock to Disney's Club Penguin Times - Los Angeles Times
'Though no one would suggest that the Club Penguin Times provides Pulitzer Prize-worthy coverage, it nonetheless attracts 30,000 daily submissions from children.' Via LightSpeed.

Grand Text Auto » Ars Electronica 2008 Coverage
The festival can be a tad art.wank, but also has some pretty interesting digital interactive stuff in it - worth perusing the coverage.

EA Studio Showcase: Nerf N-Strike | GameCyte
That EA game for Wii with a bundled Nerf Gun/ Wii controller sleeve. Weeeird.

GAME DESIGN ADVANCE » Bob’s The Last Guy Rant; Or: They’re Coming to Get You, FEMA
Oddly enough, there hasn't been a lot made of The Last Guy yet, even tho it's definitely the strangest PSN game so far.

GAMBIT: Updates: Akrasia - a Game Based on an Abstract Concept (or, How We Learned about Drug Abuse)
Serious art game weirdness: 'The team decided to make a game about INNER DEMONS and coming to terms of who you are. It would take place in the mind and the mind would be symbolized by a maze – a common metaphor but through its spatiality particularly well-suited for a game.'