- Well, I keep digging out those links, in my frantic quest to become the Kottke of game links, and you guys keep reading them, so it sounds like this symbiotic relationship is still going relatively well, eh?

Actually, I'm off on holiday as you read this (Hawaii, since you ask - maybe I should go find Henk Rogers and say hi!), but fortunately, posting ahead and a pleasant leisure schedule should mean relatively little paucity of posting for GameSetWatch readers worldwide.

Many things here:

Press the ACTION BUTTON!: Tim Rogers reviews Cave Story
'Bottom line: Cave Story is “better than art — it’s science”.' Part of the now-completed 'Top 25 Games Of All Time' countdown at the reliably loony, virtuoso AB.

8-bit Rocket's Top-10 Midcore/Casual/Retro Game Predictions For The Next 12 Months
"Some of these are more wishful thinking than others. See if you can spot them." Fun list.

Lost Levels: 'Off-Topic: Chinese Bootleg Developer Speaks'
'Over on his blog, a gentleman by the name of maxzhou88 has been posting (in Chinese) stories, art, and even source code from bootleg Famicom/NES conversions (or “Hong Kong Originals”) of 16-bit games that he helped develop while working for a company called SuperGame.'

Storyboard - Wired Blogs
Behind the scenes making of a Wired article - we'd do similar for Gamasutra features but honestly, in most cases there aren't nearly as many steps as those Wired crazies.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Browser Game Pick: Aether (Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel)
V.interesting new web art game from the Gish co-creator - you'll see this again in the IndieGames.com round-up, but hey.

Xbox gets an up-Braid | Mail Online
Blimey, even UK newspapers like it - via Develop.

JPMorgan Sells Sidney Apts. for $40.7M - CoStar Group
'JPMorgan Asset Management sold the 128-unit Sidney Apartments in Seattle to Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of video game developer Sierra Entertainment, for $40.75 million, or about $318,000 per unit.'

New Computer Game, Spore, Takes Cues From Evolutionary Biology - NYTimes.com
'Dr. Near and Dr. Prum have spent a few evenings testing out Spore, one of the most eagerly anticipated video games in the history of the industry.'

The Nor-Cal Dance Dance Revolution | Jared Rea
'I was on the hunt for some ancient hard drives of mine that I left behind but what I found was a stash of Kodak envelopes, stuffed with pictures from early years of the Dance Dance Revolution tournament scene which I was a part of.'

Games Without Frontiers: Games Give Free Rein to the Douchebag Within
'Sometimes I think the best way to get a grip on my true inner self would be just to list all the people I choose to be inside games.'

The Shifted Librarian » GLLS2008 Preliminary Program Available
'Just a quick note that the preliminary program for the 2008 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium is now available online.'