- Y'know, those pesky GameSetLinks are back again, headed by, OK, a DVD-related article on how you file, stamp, and annex your movie collection, but one that's wholly applicable to games, too - at least in the pre-digital era.

Also hanging out in here - the inevitable Billy Mitchell Pac-Man article, some cool Japanese music phones that one could imagine being used for game purposes, a couple of classy 1UP articles (on game addiction and Itagaki), and largish amounts of other things.

Links links links:

DVD Savant Article: Neck Deep in Discs: Or, the Practical Pitfalls of DVD Collecting.
Very similar problems can be encountered for games! Therefore, a useful article to link here.

Joshuah Bearman: Yes, finally, the Kill Screen
5 years with Billy Mitchell, in an Esquire article - via Crummy.

1UP: 'Tomonobu Itagaki's First Post-Tecmo Interview'
More great stuff from EGM.

Trends in Japan » au Design Project x Yamaha merges music with mobile in new ways
"'The au Design Project x Yamaha does just that with a series of phones that double as musical instruments (or instruments that double as phones?)' Imagine what portable music game neatness could be done with these!"

b3ta.com board: '1UP' cartoon
Pac-Man off on one.

Spore: It’s Made Of People | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Former Gama ninja Brandon Boyer makes his Spore stuff available.

Category 4: A Game For Helen « The Retro Remakes 2008 Big Compo
'Retro Remakes ”A Game for Helen” competition links up with the Special Effect project of the same name to bring an inclusive arcade experience to kids and young adults in the hospices Helen and Douglas House.'

s-kill's Blog :: GGPO Networking Guru Talks SF HD Remix!
Aha, Capcom collaborates with the people who have got SFII online networking right in the past.

Music 4 Games interviews Marc Schaefgen on Austin GDC Audio Summit
Good interview about Austin's community-led programming.

1UP: Hook It to My Veins: Can Videogaming be an Addiction?
Worth discussing.