- Time to return with some timely GameSetLinks, headed by T-Machine's Adam Martin discussing some of the realities (or at least, perceived realities!) of the current publisher/developer split in the game biz, and exactly what to do about it.

Yet also hanging out in here - a v.disturbing and/or silly Newtonica iPhone ad, an original Apple I, a heads-up on Dr. Phil going after games, the U.S. Army and schools snuggling up uneasily, some game history geekiness, some Nelson style blog linking 'ha ha!', and more.

Pyjama rama:

T=Machine » Publishers are from Mars, Developers are from Venus
'How could a Developer ever make a profit? The answer can be found most easily by looking to the one place in the world where R&D laboratories make more money than anywhere else: Silicon Valley.'

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » Apple I For Sale
'It’s not every day that an original Apple I goes up for sale. In fact, it’s not every year that an Apple I goes up for sale.'

What They Play - Blog - Wife of game designer on Dr. Phil
'This week I had the delightful experience of being accused of bias towards the game industry by Dr. Phil. I’ve been accused often of bias against the industry, but never towards it!'

The Top 10 Most Influential Educational Video Games from the 1980s « Educational Games Research
'Educational games from that decade in particular taught teachers, parents, students, and designers things that are still influencing titles today.'

My Childhood Heroes « Game Haus
Early shareware gurus: 'I know the names of these people probably don’t mean much to any of you. But they sure as heck mean a lot to me.'

Water Cooler Games - US Army Invades Schools
'The US Army has announced a "partnership" with a group called Project Lead The Way to "to enhance student curriculum by using a variety of Army technologies to promote student interest in the engineering and technical fields."'

The Secret of Monkey Island [PC - Beta] | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
Linking to a gigantic website of micro-analysis of various LucasArts beta obscurities/differences - the kind of thesis-level craziness that the Internet helps to enable in microniches, I guess!

Eegra: Updates five times a week. Usually. : Video: Newtonica (part three)
That Newtonica (pictured) iPhone promo ad at the bottom of that link, is, uhh, yeah.

YouTube - SierraMultimedia's Channel
An excellent archival channel for all kinds of obscure Sierra-related video (King's Quest, etc), linked to an even better site I didn't know about - via GDRI.

Kotaku, Joystiq et al get punk'd. - Quarter To Three Forums
Of course, I will point out that GiantRealm (and apparently the entire rest of the world) ran that poorly sourced Google/Valve story - which makes Eric Schild's sanctimony in the GR comments a little painful. Nonetheless, the Internet train rides along, and trolls are an important ingredient!