- Some more GameSetLinks, then - headed by some more interesting DS homebrew, this time Obama-related, intriguingly enough. Can Nintendo condone this? Yes they can?

Also in here - Mega64 takes on Parappa with predictably charming results, The Silver Case coming to PlayStation Network, a v.neat Yoshiki Okamoto interview, the Street Fighter IV U.S. experience, and plenty more, really.

Vegetable man:

French game magazine Amusement releases 2nd issue
Incredibly stylish, quite French, game mags as art books is still awesome - via MBF.

The United States of Street Fighter IV | Jared Rea
This is our united states of whatever, sadly.

Multiple:Option: Obama Says: Yes We Can
An Obama-themed DS rhythm-y game thing? Waaacky.

YouTube - Mega64: Parappa The Rapper
'Derrick takes the role of the hip-hop-hero and spreads the joy of rapping about everyday life.* *not for people on cell phones.'

1UP: Game Republic's Yoshiki Okamoto Interview
'Street Fighter creator talks about Game Republic, Microsoft, Wii, and more.' I think Ziff is more Japan-obsessed than some of my co-workers nowadays!

> 100% NINTENDO SUPER FAMICOM FULLSET!1500 GAMES CIB! < - eBay (item 280253330747 end time Oct-04-08 07:23:12 PDT)
The seller, Adol, has a bunch of other fullsets, too - this is pretty insane in collecting terms.

Christian Allen's Corner: McDonald's Warns Kids About Video Games...
'I didn’t see any messages that said “Don’t eat the fries here.” Or “Take a break from your junk food and only eat here once a month.”'

auntie pixelante › the jesse venbrux interview
'if you saw me complaining about playthisthing’s interview with jesse venbrux recently, you probably expected i would get around to conducting my own.'

1UP: 'Suda51's PS1 Game The Silver Case Coming to PSN'
Suda's culture jamming style is really important to global game design understanding, innit?

A Short History of Game Manuals | Edge Online
Neat Edge mag article - I'd like to know who writes these, since Edge online credits and offline doesn't and oh headache.