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This week was the big ol' Penny Arcade Expo down in Washington, allowing some games to finally make their debut online - including Penny Arcade Adventures 2, Savage Moon and The Maw.

Plenty of new announcements for Xbox Live Arcade as well - like The Incredible Machine, 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2, Meteos Wars and, most importantly, the unveiling of Death Tank!

Remember - My Aquarium for WiiWare is now out, Shred Nebula and Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball are out this week on XBLA, and The Last Guy popped up everywhere on the PSN as well. Too much to play, I say. I'm having trouble finding the time to play Castle Crashers as it is.

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PAX Coverage - The Wrap-up

The Penny Arcade Expo was on over the weekend, and there was too much stuff to split it all up, so I've collected all the news stories and previews throughout that event. This includes previews of: XBLA - The Maw, Defense Grid, Penny Arcade Adventures 2, and Shred Nebula. PSN - Rag Doll Kung Fu, Crash Commando, Savage Moon, and WiiWare - Bomberman Blast, Alien Crush Returns.

Xbox Live Arcade

Shred Nebula and Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Are Your Games Of The Week! This week's XBLA releases are Shred Nebula - a space shooter in the vein of Subspace-meets-Asteroids, and Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball - the ultimate decider for the internet meme.

Duke Nukem 3D Interview, Preview, Trailers, Screenshots Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA has been officially unveiled - Team Xbox and Shacknews have a look over how it's all going to work, from the eight-player death match and cooperative play to the weird rewind ability and more.

Death Tank For XBLA Revealed! Yay yay yay! Death Tank has finally been unveiled for Xbox Live Arcade, and I cannot be happier. Seriously, one of the contenders for best game of the forever. Make me proud, Snowblind Studios!

Meteos Wars Announced For Xbox Live Arcade Q? Entertainment have announced that they're bringing the Nintendo DS puzzler Meteos to the XBLA. Is Gunpey next?

Sierra Lives! The Incredible Machine And 3D Ultra Mini Golf 2 On Their Way The Australian classification website has revealed that Activision Blizzard seems to be keeping Sierra alive, with the new additions of The Incredible Machine and 3D Ultra Mini Golf 2 into the fold.

PlayStation Network

PSN Store Update - The Last Guy Now Available, New Warhawk Expansion, and Jungle Party! Bizarro zombie-avoiding simulator The Last Guy has now been released for PlayStation Network - along with the brand new expansion for Warhawk, and Europe also gets Buzz: Jungle Party. It's a jam-packed week for PlayStation 3 owners.

Sierra Online Announce Red Baron Arcade For PSN Previously announced for Xbox Live Arcade, Sierra has come back from near-death to announce that they're bringing Red Baron Arcade to the PlayStation Network exclusively on September 18th.


My Aquarium Now Available For WiiWare, as well as Super Mario RPG!

Hudson's Aquarium simulator has now been released in North America for 500 Wii Points. With something incredibly casual comes something incredibly hardcore - Super Mario RPG has been released for Virtual Console!

EU WiiWare Update - MaBoShi and Critter Round-Up In Europe this week, they got two new WiiWare titles - Critter Round-Up From Konami, which has been in America for some time, but also MaBoShi: The Three Shapes, a new puzzle game from long-lost company going back to its roots.

Wired Preview Alien Crush Returns, Space Invaders: Get Even Alien Crush Returns and Space Invaders: Get Even have just been released on the Japanese WiiWare. Chris Kohler gives them both a go and lets you know why you should be looking forward to them.