[Every week, Gamasutra sister weblog GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley will be summing up the top console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, including brand new game announcements and scoops through the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.]

It's a big week in downloadable games -with Duke Nukem 3D debuting for the Xbox Live Arcade, Mega Man 9 for WiiWare, and WipEout HD for the PlayStation Network.

Despite these debuts, there hasn't really hasn't been a whole lot of big news this week. Still, there have been a few great bits and pieces that have allowed us to understand the ways the downloadable game market is going - companies getting into the business, companies getting out, and companies trying to figure out what went right and wrong on their first attempt at it.

Xbox Live Arcade

- Duke Nukem 3D Is Your XBLA Game Of The Week
It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum against your friends online in glorious Dukematch! Coming this Wednesday to Xbox Live Arcade.

- Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Getting Disc Release on PS3 and 360 - The End Of SEGA XBLA Games?
A new disc-based collection of Genesis games appears to be on the horizon. Will we ever see Xbox Live Arcade Sonic 3 & Knuckles?

- 2K Sports Officially Announce MLB Stickball
A new kids Baseball game is coming to the XBLA through 2K games. With MLB '09, MLB Power Pros and Fantasy All-Stars, will it break into the casual market? And how will it stack up to the RBI Baseball game for XBLA?

- XBLA Postmortem: Little Boy Games' Go! Go! Break Steady
Gamasutra let the fellows over at Little Boy Games throw it all out there - the good and the bad sides of working on an Xbox Live Arcade title.

PlayStation Network

- Mega Man 9 Release Dates Revealed
While WiiWare has just got the game, the PlayStation Network will also be getting Mega Man 9 this week.

- Burnout Paradise Releasing This Week On PSN
If Mega Man 9 and WipEout HD weren't enough - you can also buy Burnout Paradise over the PlayStation Network starting this week.

- New Features Of Geon: Emotions For The PlayStation Network
Geon, a game previously available for the XBLA, is coming to the PlayStation Network sometime this year - and with a ton of new features and modes.


- NA WiiWare Update - Mega Man 9 Is Out, As Is Plattchen: Twist & Paint
Mega Man 9 is out right now! Are you up for some classic, frustrating platforming? Then this game is for you.

- A New WiiWare RPG - Sorcery Blade?
It seems that some Japanese companies are pushing WiiWare to its very limits - a new RPG is on the horizon, and it's looking pretty swank.

- Sand Castle Creation Coming For WiiWare
Sand Castle Creation? Seems so - Frozen Codebase are hard at work at Sandy Beach - a tool that allows you to build your very own sand castle without it being ruined by the waves.