-It's time to finish up the best posts of the week from big sister site Gamasutra and elsewhere - and now we're getting our new staffers firing on all cylinders, we're getting a lot of high-quality edit up there.

In particular, there's a neat Resident Evil 5 interview talking about the Japanese learning about shared engine and tools tech, as well as Epic on why they signed up with EA Partners, Mark Cooke on moving to Japan to work for Grasshopper Manufacture, AI chatbots explained, and much more.

Good jolly molly:

Gamasutra Features

Co-Op Creators: Resident Evil 5's Anpo and Takeuchi Tag-Team Interview
"2009's Resident Evil 5 is perhaps Capcom's most-anticipated title - Gamasutra talks to producer Jun Takeuchi and director Yasuhiro Anpo on tech, tools, and making the game for a world market."

Sponsored Feature: Introducing DirectX 11
"In this sponsored feature, part of Gamasutra's XNA microsite, Microsoft's Kevin Gee explains in-depth the new features of DirectX 11, from improved multi-threading to Shader Model 5.0 and beyond."

Beyond AIML: Chatbots 102
"Industry veteran Wilcox is creating NPC text chatbots for online world Blue Mars, and this technical article discusses his adventures in AI markup language to create effective human-text interaction."

Gamasutra/Other Site Originals, Specials

Epic's Capps On EA Partners: 'They Give Us What We Want'
"Epic president Mike Capps sat down with Gamasutra to explain why the studio signed its new IP with Electronic Arts and its EA Partners label, explaining of the world's largest publisher: "They give us what we want, checklist-style.""

GCG: Grasshopper's Cooke On Working in Japan
"Mark Cooke left the U.S. for a programming career at Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes) - and he tells GameCareerGuide.com how he got the job, and what it takes to be a non-native speaker working in Japan."

Salen: Gaming Becoming 'More Collective, Not Individual'
"Game designer and researcher Katie Salen sees games, society, and culture colliding, as the world becomes increasingly networked -- but are "video games" as we know it losing its definition? And is that a bad thing? Gamasutra was at her Sandbox Symposium keynote to find out..."

Q&A: GameInvest's Gomes Is A Portugese Man O' War
"If you didn't know there's a Portuguese games industry, you'd better learn, says Paulo Gomes, founder and CEO of upstart Portuguese publisher GameInvest. Now that the company's just debuted its first U.S. title, Toy Shop, Gomes discusses GameInvest's unique "clustering" approach to publisher-developer relations."

IGA's Bartlett: 'We Are Not Spyware, We Are Not Evil'
"IGA Worldwide's Ed Bartlett told attendees at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival that in-game ad companies like his own are neither "spyware" nor "evil," and advocated for the importance of advertising in an environment where development costs just keep going up."

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