-We're all finished for the week in terms of 'big stories', so time to round up the remainder of the notable features, interviews and write-ups from big sister site Gamasutra and other Think Services sites - particularly Jill Duffy's excellent Game Career Guide, which has a 'women in games' special this week.

Also hanging out in here - a v.interesting Paul Hyman piece on how developers are using outsourcing nowadays, a BioShock interview with Chris Kline, what's working (and not) from Braid and XBLA thanks to Jon Blow, and more from GCG's Game Design Challenge.

Dude, where's my links?:

Gamasutra Features

Thinking BioShock: From Tech to Philosophy
"Chris Kline is BioShock's technical mastermind, and Gamasutra sat down with 2K Boston's tech director to discuss game engines, the PC market, multithreading, and even BioShock-like Wii experiences."

An Examination of Outsourcing: The Developer Angle
"Outsourcing is a vital, but sometimes underdiscussed part of today's game biz - and Gamasutra talks to Wideload, Kuju Entertainment and THQ to understand the controversy, process, and state of game outsourcing."

Other Featured Articles

Blow: 'Unnecessary' XBLA Hurdles Hurt Game Quality
"As his IGF award-winning Braid debuts on Xbox Live Arcade, indepedent designer Jonathan Blow says unnecessary certification requirements got in the way of the final game's quality -- and he also explains why Braid won't have a sequel anytime soon. [UPDATE: Blow also explains positives of XBLA deal.]"

Results from the Game Design Challenge: Player Aid
"In a recent game design challenge, you were asked to design a player aid, a kind of cheat sheet or quick reference guide of rules, for the board game Risk. Here, we present the three best designs, two honorable mentions, and a few notes on what made the winning entries stand out." Also see: GameCareerGuide.com’s Game Design Challenge: Hero.

Valve's Faliszek: Playtesters Aren't Idiots, It's You
"Talking to Gamasutra, Left 4 Dead's Chet Faliszek [pictured - OK, it's the game, not Chet] has explained why thinking "we got idiots for playtesters" won't make your game any better - sharing stories from the game and Half-Life 2 and concluding of the advantages of frequent external playtesting that it's "just proof to you"."

GCG Opinion: 'Women in Games: Who Cares?'
"Industry veteran (Wizardry/Jagged Alliance) and game design teacher Brenda Brathwaite is tired of being asked what it means to be a ‘woman in games.’ She aired her grievances today in a new opinion piece on GameCareerGuide.com, which has been running a series of articles this week on the theme of women and games."