-Good grief, it's Wednesday again - and so time to wander sedately around the array of neat features, interviews and write-ups from big sister site Gamasutra and elsewhere - with some standout neatness headed by a much-debated Ernest Adams feature on the 'tao of game design'.

Also in here - a neat piece on technical artists, a chat with Ubisoft Montreal's CEO, developers on user-generated content, and the world of Chinese gaming cafes, plus lots of GCDC coverage from ze Leipzig, among many others.

Yesh yesh yesh:

Gamasutra Features

The Designer's Notebook: The Tao of Game Design
"What's the point of designing games? Veteran educator and designer Ernest Adams examines fun, enjoyment, and personal fulfillment to reveal the key, uplifting tenets of game creation."

The Code/Art Divide: How Technical Artists Bridge The Gap
"In this intriguing technical article, originally published in Game Developer magazine, Volition's Jason Hayes discusses how the Saints Row franchise developer integrates the technical artist into its development pipeline."

Building Believable Worlds: Yannis Mallat On Production At Ubisoft
"With Ubisoft Montreal now housing 2000 employees, Gamasutra sits down with CEO Yannis Mallat to discuss managing the unique studio and its breadth of development, from Far Cry 2 through My Weight Loss Coach."

Gamasutra, Other Originals

The Anti-Auteurs: Developers Speak On User-Generated Content
"User-generated content, particularly on the PC, is here to stay, whether developers planned for it or not -- and representatives from Three Rings, inXile, ACES Studio and Obsidian have been talking about "how to work within the sweet spot" on user-generated levels, quests, and environments."

GCDC: Epic's Capps On Designing The 'New, Better, More' Gears 2
"Epic president Mike Capps discusses at GCDC his company's most ambitious sequel yet in Gears of War 2, talking franchise-building with the original and breaking down the design team's "new, better, more" sequel philosophy.

Devs: Ease Of Development Rules, Outsourcing On Rise
"Game Developer Research has released new data from its 'State Of Development' survey of almost 2,000 creators, revealing ease of development as the most important factor for making games on a platform, and the fact that nearly half of all developers are outsourcing in some way."

Epic's Capps Talks People Can Fly, Epic China Growth
"Gamasutra spoke to Epic president Mike Capps, following the EA Partners deal, to discuss the Epic-owned "little 'studio that could'" People Can Fly and Chair Entertainment, revealing new stats on the now 130 person-strong Epic Games China."

GCDC: What Determines Developer Acquisition Values?
"Consolidation's the norm these days, but acquisition values vary widely -- why was Shiny worth $47 million to Atari, while Black Box only set EA back significantly less? Interactive business strategist Dan Lee Rogers explains just what determines a studio's value to an acquirer, and key rules for studios aiming to sell."

In-Depth: Inside China's Gaming Cafes
"Chinese Internet cafés are surprisingly important to the nation's online game market, according to a new survey - and Gamasutra talks to Niko Partners' Lisa Hanson about the popularity of Western games in the café, the male-female player ratio, and more."

GCDC: Connors On Telltale's Episodic Move To Consoles
"As episodic content pioneers Telltale Games move their 'TV-style' format to the console for the first time with Strong Bad, CEO and co-founder Dan Connors talks at GCDC in Leipzig about the strengths episodic is accustomed to enjoying on PC that make consoles more challenging."