-Aha, may be time to pick the best posts of the week from big sister site Gamasutra and elsewhere on our Think Services sites/blogs - and probably the most obvious post of the week is the 23,000+ word Atari retrospective from Steve Fulton.

Decided to pick my favorite three quotes from the magnum opus as a way of kicking off - scroll down for the other GameSetNetwork links. Oh, and we'll miss you, Jamil.

That Atari Special

Atari: The Golden Years -- A History, 1978-1981
"Following his article on Atari's genesis, game historian Fulton returns with an amazingly detailed piece on Atari's 'golden years', from the rise of the Atari 2600 through Asteroids and Battlezone."

"A funny story from this time that Al Miller likes to tell has to do with the Atari BASIC cartridge that was to ship with the system. Atari had contracted with a young programmer named Bill Gates to modify a BASIC compiler that he had for another system to be used on the 800. After that project stalled for over a year Al was called upon to replace him with another developer. So, while Al is the only person I know ever to have fired Bill Gates, I suspect that rather than work on Atari BASIC, Gates was spending all his time on DOS for IBM. Probably not a bad career choice for him, do you think?" (David Crane)

"Video Chess was created when a consumer from Florida sued Atari because there was a chess piece pictured on the system's box, but no game was available. The VCS programmers did not think a chess game would be possible on the VCS, but with some alternating scan-line tricks they got it to work." (Steve Fulton)

""My model in creating the secret room was the secret messages hidden in Beatle records ('I buried Paul') in the late Sixties, where you had to play the record backwards to hear the message... Atari manufactured several hundred thousand Adventure cartridges, sent them to stores all over the world, and sure enough, some kids here and there did discover the secret room." (Warren Robinett)

Gamasutra Features

David DeMartini on the Renaissance of EA Partners
"EA Partners has quickly become a publishing powerhouse -- now working with Valve, Epic, id, Crytek, Harmonix, and Grasshopper -- here, GM David DeMartini explains the state and future of EAP."

The Code/Art Divide: How Technical Artists Bridge The Gap
"In this intriguing technical article, originally published in Game Developer magazine, Volition's Jason Hayes discusses how the Saints Row franchise developer integrates the technical artist into its development pipeline."

Gamasutra News, Other Features

GCG: Zimmerman and the Systems Approach
"Eric Zimmerman, co-founder and chief design officer of Gamelab (Diner Dash), believes in taking a systems approach to game design. Sister site GameCareerGuide.com has just posted a new interview with him on what that really means -- for game design, resume writing, and understanding how people cross the street."

Crytek's Yerli On The Road To A Graphics 'Renaissance'
"Year-over-year graphical gains appear to be decreasing, yet Crytek's Cevat Yerli has been talking about how art direction, sophisticated AI and physics will help determine the successful game creators -- also discussing his predictions for the PS4's debut and CryEngine 3's planning stages."

EA's DeMartini Talks Hellgate: London Failure
"Following the near-shutdown of Hellgate developer Flagship Studios, EA Partners' David DeMartini, who co-published Hellgate, has been discussing the game's failure, revealing EA had staff "actively working" on the title and suggesting that the game "lost the fanbase" by the time it improved sufficiently, post-release."

GCG: Students, New Developers Dream Up Game Hero
"Game dev students and newcomers to the industry have voiced their thoughts on the next big video game hero. They were asked to develop an original character; the three best ideas for a new game hero have been posted on GameCareerGuide.com."

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