- Some more GameSetLinks to continue the week, then, and it's headed by an inspiring, poignant piece by competition fighting game veteran John Choi about his family and victory at a recent Las Vegas meetup.

Also hanging out in here - Kokoromi's new indie game challenge in THREE DEE, the 'Reformat The Planet' chiptune documentary streamable for a limited time only, inside Guitar Hero research, and lots more neatness besides.

You miserable maggots:

John Choi - 'Where's the cheese' - Shoryuken.com forums
Amazing story of a father's fight against cancer and a son's triumphant Street Fighter tournament win at EVO. Read it. (Via Sirlin).

Kokoromi Collective - GAMMA 3D
'Kokoromi challenges you to create a game that uses red/blue stereoscopy in an innovative, experimental, and/or integral manner.' Entries showcased alongside Montreal Games Summit in November, and cool indie types should enter now, damn you.

Wonderland: Webwars: EVE
'WebWars: EVE is a new type of game about conquering territory and controlling territory - but, in this case, the territory is websites.'

MyGamerCard - My Geometry Wars 2 high scores
Hey, a cute GW2-specific custom JPG - you can make your own, it's dynamically updated, and all.

MTV Multiplayer » Pay Attention To The Man Behind ‘Henry Hatsworth’
Nice to see Totilo pointing out Kyle Gray, the press release was v. generic sadly.

Wing Commander CIC News # 3234: 'Chris Roberts Heads to the Hills'
Didn't know Roberts (Wing Commander mastermind) was doing so much movie producing now - he also produced Lucky Number Slevin.

Pitchfork.tv - 'Reformat The Planet' is the one-week only streaming documentary
Oo, the Blipfest-filmed 8-bit doc is up for just a while - Game Boys galore.

PlayStationMuseum.com - StarCon
Neat info, Beta footage on cancelled Accolade PS1 title that would have arcade-d up the Star Control series in space, weirdly enough.

Kotaku: 'Texas Gamer: U.S. Arcades Never Say Die!'
Nice new Austin arcade.

Is it music? | Music | projo.com | The Providence Journal
On Kiri Miller's sometimes GSW-featured Guitar Hero research: 'To some, it is a game, where proficiency and points create competition. To others, it’s a social interaction, a shared activity revolving around music.'

Blurst :: Coming Soon
Uhoh, the Off-Road Velociraptor Safari/Jetpack Brontosaurus massive (and IGF co-organizers) are launching their own web portal with custom wacky games.