- Gosh, another week, another dollar or two, and another set of GameSetLinks - headed up XKCD doing its deliciously surreal thing with a sorta Google Maps classic text adventure crossover.

Also hanging out in here - the Resident Evil 5 sound team, Irish music and Japanese game soundtracks, and the very silly (pictured) Sauna Dismount -- from the same folks who gave us Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount, of course.

Mee mee mee:

xkcd: 'Google Maps'
Some text adventure riffing by the excellently surreal Webcomic - via Alice.

Music 4 Games interviews the Resident Evil 5 sound team.
Interesting piece - M4G doesn't get much link love from anyone, for some reason - it's v.useful for game music composers, though the owners of the site also manage a lot of the featured artists, which can be a bit confusing.

Siliconera ยป Everyday Shooter PSP bundled with PSP-3000
Didn't spot this - Jon Mak's indie title bundled with Sony hardware? Indie rise is complete.

1UP: 'Retronauts Talk Up Nintendo's Famicom'
Ah, this is a better round-up post (linking the articles, not just the podcast!) on the Faminsanity.

Irish Music for Videogame Music Fans | Game | Life from Wired.com
One of the more bizarre game-related weblog posts I've ever read - but packed with great information, also!

Indie Game Panel Reviews [August 08 Edition] by Game Tunnel
'The 10 games reviewed for August include the quirky freeware adventure game Ben there Dan That!, the 'funky' dating sim Summer Session and Vega, a game that one reviewer called "the least fun game I've ever played."'

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Sauna Dismount
Haha, those dismount guys!

Mister Raroo Reviews MLB Power Pros 2008 - Gaslamp Ball
Raroo moonlighting hilariously on a San Diego Padres baseball blog.

Halo.bungie.org: 'Link4044's Legendary Crest'
Wow, nice art, if you're a hardcore Halo player.

YouTube - Tiger Woods 09 - Walk on Water
Game bugs spawning actually funny commercials - more tragic proof that EA is cool nowadays.