- Ah yes, the inevitable return of GameSetLinks, headed out by a chat with a Nintendo Power supremo, and closely followed by a totally gorgeous Crystal Castles retro artifact - I'd actually like to see a Crystal Castles clothing line, if you could, Internet?

Also hanging out in here - scaling your game design scope, another look at a pretty avant-garde indie title, and the obvious question that nobody has asked - who's the Pink Floyd of gaming? (It's not in the same sense as the article asks it, but clear it's Minter minter minter minterminterminter...)

Sheepie go baa:

Crispy Gamer - Column: Press Pass: An Interview With Nintendo Power's Chris Slate
Orland's PressSpotting on GameSpot gets moved to Crispy Gamer under a new name.

Proscribed Word of the Month: Narrative (Magical Wasteland)
'For the following month, anyone writing or speaking about video games who uses the word “narrative” will be administered a mild electric shock to the temples.'

Vintage 1984 Atari Crystal Castles Display unused - eBay (item 150283849842 end time Sep-14-08 19:13:27 PDT)
Completely awesome - via GameSniped.

Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist < Multimedia | PopMatters
'Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist is a prime example of a game experimenting and pushing the boundaries of the video game world with no concerns about explaining itself or fitting into any simple niche.'

Resource Quest: hidden treasures in Sierra’s adventure games - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
'There is always the possibility of discovering an unused background, animation or sound file, or even just an interesting little comment made by a programmer in a script.'

:: Temple of the Roguelike - Roguelike News, Reviews, Interviews and Information :: » Blog Archive » First International Roguelike Development Conference: Berlin 2008
More international ASCII-based game summits, plz!

Press release: 'ScreenBurn at SXSW Invites Hopeful Designers to Enter Game Design Competition'
Not playable games, just ideas, which is... a little meh, for me.

Welcome to Jake World: 'Scaling your game design scope'
'The initial scope was too great, how do you scale it without compromising on the initial design?'

Love-de-links - the blog
An excellent Lovedelic fan-blog, dedicated to one of the most avant Japanese console developers - via Lovedelic Life.

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » Games to try to Hate. (What is the Pink Floyd of video games?)
'What is the Pink Floyd of video games? (You don’t have to really hate it, just bring out your inner punk!)'