- Yoo hoo, the GameSetLinks are back, starting out with some weird random graphics created by messing with NES save states - something you've probably seen when incorrectly blowing on NES carts, I know, but hey!

Also hanging out in here - Mega64 riffing in a rejected Guitar Hero-ish ad, comments on the (pictured) Galaga Legions, the 15 most expensive arcade games of all time, the jam that will be TIGJam, and lots more.

Gotta gotta gotta:

selectbutton :: View topic - Saving a state in one ROM then loading it in a different ROM
Some pretty 'art' created by trashing NES game saves.

Technology Review: TR35 2008
Jenova Chen from ThatGameCompany one of the top 35 tech innovators under 35, yay.

The Independent Gaming Source: First Ever TIGJam in Arizona next month
The Flashbang Studios folks and TIGSource doing the live indie jam thing, rawk.

ScottishGames.biz: EIF 2008 - I did it my way
Good coverage of the multiple tracks at Edinburgh, an interesting melange.

GameSpite: 'Legion of super excellence'
Parish explains why Galaga Legions for XBLA is worth careful attention - which it is, it's cunning and really well thought-out, just like Pac-Man CE, if much riffier/different than the original.

YouTube - Mega64: Rejected Ad for Undisclosed DS Guitar Game
This was rejected by the... ESRB? That's what the message implies at the end. Someone go do some follow-up on this.

Alt Text: 'World of Warcraft' Masters In-Game Bribery
'Just this week I've been fighting in battlegrounds -- special areas where armies clash and 12-year-olds question each other's sexuality -- over and over just for a chance to win a tiny little flying dragon.'

Sega Superstars Tennis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just picked this up for $20, it really is pretty adorable fan service, and the minigames are fun, even if it's a little unsophisticated.

15 most valuable classic arcade games of all time | Rotheblog - Arcade Game Blog
Really nicely researched countdown, with some gorgeous early Atari cabinets featured.

2theadvocate.com | Business | La. sweetened pot for EA testing site — Baton Rouge, LA
Really excellent local newspaper reporting on game developer tax incentives re: EA, of all things - via GP.