- Moving into the week, this is a happily eclectic set of GameSetLinks, I do believe, headed by some nice ideas from the Tale Of Tales folks about how to promote their upcoming short-form PC game, The Path.

Also hanging out in here somewhere or other - a great new free indie game soundtrack label, as well as a Battlefield: Bad Company critique of note, discussion of the fast-leveling insanity of the new World Of Warcraft offer, and a great deal of other design and gameplay-centric links.

Woo hah:

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » Introducing: Robin!
Little Red Riding Hood personas for The Path: 'While we are continuing production, Robin will be sharing the remainder of her young life in her very own Livejournal.' Neat.

49-6-dev - Taking Over The World
'Finally Taking Over The World is interactive fiction programmed in brainf*ck. It is completely written by hand without the use of any compiler or the like.' Absolutely no idea what is going on here - via The-Inbetween.

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Plus - Free Indie Soundtracks'
''II (“Pause”), the retro/chiptune music label and community, has launched a new section to their website called Plus, which is specifically devoted to free indie/doujin game soundtracks.'

Versus CluClu Land: I have not told my garden yet/ Lest that should conquer me;
'The emergence of the downloadable space in this console generation has been a real blessing for the console gamer.'

PC World - Inside Nintendo's Classic Game Console
Benj Edwards has found a great niche doing retro stuff for PC World, neat - this time, taking apart a Famicom/Disk System.

witchboy.net » Blog Archive » Frostbite’s first offering
Harvey Smith's excellent (brief) critique of Battlefield: Bad Company.

Game Libratory at CRCA, UCSD (NOTCOT)
Just a little library, but good to see more universities collecting and making available game collections - via Driph.

z a c k h i w i l l e r » First Turn Win
Nice, 'Things I hate About Games' bingo, heh.

Zen of Design»Blog Archive » God’s Gift to Multiboxers
Damion Schubert on a fascinating World Of Warcraft offer which really tweaks the leveling speed.

Trends in Japan » Play and save with RPG piggy banks
Not just BankQuest, some love-centric ones too.