- Good Lord, there's a bunch more GameSetLinks here - and let's be honest, GSW is giving you a good deal here, given there's 50-60 GSLs each week, and I could be posting one per post and stringing you along instead of compiling them handily and compactly.

This time, some of the highlights include some rather conceptually odd Monster Hunter cutlery from Japan (there's a lot of in-game cooking), Jake Simpson on publishers and IP ownership, GameCulture referencing game preservation, Kokoromi on demakes, and a whole bunch more besides.

Mew mew mew:

The Today Show makes Konami's Rock Revolution look frickin' sweet | Fidgit
Willard Scott music game horror!

University of Texas at Austin Looks at MMO Preservation | GameCulture
'With a constant release of software updates and an ever growing list of subscribers, MMO's present a difficult task to those interested in game preservation.'

Jonathan Blow on Story and Gameplay « Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen
A review, of sorts, starting from the GSW write-up.

1UP: 'Virtual Jihadi'
'Terrorism, Censorship, and Videogames in Upstate New York.'

insertcredit.com: 'News: Latest astounding coin op news'
Sheffield back with the awesome arcade ephemera.

Welcome to Jake World: 'Publishers and IP ownership'
'There's just rampant greed right now on the part of publishers to get as much as they can for as little as they can - particularly with start ups.'

NCSX Import Video Games & Toys: Monster Hunter Airu Kitchen: Utensils - New, In Stock
Good Lord. 'Cospa's Monster Hunter utensil set includes a stainless steel spoon and a fork which may be used to each soup or spear a ham hock.'

Japanmanship: Piracy
'Software piracy is one of those perennial problems that just refuses to go away, no matter what we throw at it.'

Kokoromi Collective - Sequel Prequel, Remake Demake
'To celebrate the announcement over a TIGSource of the Bootleg Demake Compo, i figured id take a shot at explaining what exactly constitutes a demake, and why the concept is so damn awesome.'

Not So Few Monstrosities » Blog Archive » Leng Bound for Lovecraft Unbound
Valve's Marc Laidlaw goes Lovecraft for a 2010-bound (!) new anthology.