- So, yes, more GameSetLink-age is upon us, with Jeremy Parish's 'New Games Journalist' personal site subscriber button offer naturally heading our discussions for this set of just sliightly esoteric links.

Also in here - some brief comments on the user-generated level neatness in Blast Works for the Wii, my very own N+ level (yay), a march against America's Army-advocating game companies, a goodbye to WoTC's Gleemax, and much more.

Go for gold:

GameSpite.net - Jeremy Parish's 'New Games Journalist' button
Clearly everyone needs to be wearing these, soon.

The legacy of Level Names, from N to N+
Mare and Raigan write: 'In recognition of your years of hard work championing indie games, you've been immortalized in the form of an N+ Level Name' for the first XBLA level pack - 'scarless' - named after my amusing mail alias, I think. Thanks, guys!

Aug. 6th Direct Action: Stop the Military Recruitment of Children « Direct Action to Stop the War
Saw a flyer for this on the way into work - specifically targeting SF game companies (Ubisoft, Secret Level) for publishing or developing America's Army games, interesting - is Ubisoft even publishing any more AA games?

Video game's user content spawns naughty Web 'Sporn' - CNN.com
Mainstream coverage at this stage can't hurt.

MiiPlaza.net -[ Blast Works: Zycyzyx pr ]-
I wanted to write an article about the fascinating level-download hack-age for Blast Works on Wii, but I don't have time - so here's a link to the most notable level made so far. Suffice to say - awesome concept (you can download user levels directly to your Wii), too fiddly, not a lot of people using it, but user-generated content rocks.

The RAM Raider: Big Brother – Thy Name Is Future
Spilled coffee shocker from the ever-grumpy Raider.

PlayStation.Blog » PixelJunk Eden: Oh Glorious Gardens…and Did We Mention Trophies?
I heart Dylan and friends.

Gleemax.com blog post: 'Gleemax Farewell'
'Wizards of the Coast has made the decision to pull down its Gleemax social networking site in order to focus on other aspects of our digital initiatives, especially Magic Online and Dungeons & Dragons Insider.'Via OgreCave.

These games really push our buttons - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
On LeDonne's Super Columbine RPG, various other 'controversial' games.

Sid Meier's First(?) Game and an Early Look at MicroProse | How They Got Game
Wow, awesome super-early game artifacts from Stanford's collection.