- So, all kinds of good GameSetLink-age to be done here, and it's headed out by an interview for a pretty darn weird mutant text adventure, thanks to Renga In Blue.

Also hanging around in this particular mix - an absolutely excellent longform Kenji Eno interview at 1UP, Ste Pickford on game tutorials, more Moshi Monsters (pictured!) discussion, a gorgeous R-Type craft model, indie pricing discussions redux, and much more besides.

Eu ree ka:

Interview with Robb Sherwin and Cryptozookeeper Preview « Renga in Blue
Insane new indie text adventureness: 'Cryptzookeeper is basically a cross between Monster Rancher, Zork, and a good call on Coast-to-Coast AM.'

I Am Not Smart Enough For Fantastic Contraption | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
V.notable Flash physics game.

1UP: 'Kenji Eno: Reclusive Japanese Game Creator Breaks His Silence'
Incredibly good Mielke interview with possibly the most eccentric Japanese game creator.

Ste Pickford's Blog: 'Tutorials Are Hard'
More excellent think pieces from the super-veteran UK indies (mm, Zub.)

The Escapist : Game Design Sketchbook: Testing the Limits of Single-Player
Interesting Rohrer piece with attached game.

Subatomic Brainfreeze: I'm playing children's card games: Kongai
Sirlin's tres interessant card game gets a little analysis.

T=Machine » Moshi Monsters Review
Precise and excellent critique of the kids online worlds we've also covered on WiM.

Shoot The Core: Sweet, sweet model-age
Wow, insane R-Type ship boss model - not sure if this is custom or actually commercially available in kit form, I presume the latter.

Tales of the Rampant Coyote: Interview: Cliff "Kudos" Harris on Being an Indie Game Developer
Excellent interview taken from an Escapist article.

The Independent Gaming Source: 'On Braid and Pricing'
There's some awesome discussion in here, led by Derek, who charged $30 for Aquaria on PC, and ran into similar pricing ???s.