- Ah yes, time for some accumulated GameSetLinks, headed by Ian Bogost's ever-excellent Water Cooler Games teasing out a fun, allegorical casual game about those 'look at me' folks you love to hate - but that's not all, oh no.

Also in here - some more indie film musings alongside Borut Pfeifer's discussions of the missing indie boutique game publisher market, as well as classic Tron game design documents, universal game design musings, and much more.

Com piled now:

Water Cooler Games - Attention Hog
'San Francisco artist Chris Basmajian has created Attention Hog, A casual game about attention-driven social network culture.'

The TRON design documents. | words
Oo, original docs from the classic Midway title. With typical 'not enough time' issues!

witchboy.net » Blog Archive » Finished Braid
Harvey Smith: 'Forbidden words…is Braid better than Mario 64?'

Low Fierce: Sega slaps one of their developers
'I'm sure he didn't bother to check the tools pipeline to see how long it takes to re-iterate on stuff or how often the game kept crashing right before Alpha, and the other 9 billion small things that make developing a game harder then it should be.'

Bob's Game (DS) - Made By One Person Over 15,000 Hours And 5 years - NeoGAF
Fort90 digs out an odd creator with an obsessed-over game.

Universal Game Design | Moving Pixels | PopMatters
'Could there eventually be one universal game design that competently lets you do anything in a game?'

Indie games - a new all-purpose discussion thread. - The Something Awful Forums
Good new megathread from the Goons, even with some stuff that isn't mentioned on IndieGames, maybe!

indieWIRE: FIRST PERSON | Film Department's Mark Gill: "Yes, The Sky Really Is Falling."
Game comparisons worth considering: ' Speaking at the L.A. Film Festival's Financing Conference, the CEO of The Film Department (and former President of Miramax Films) detailed a litany of challenges currently facing independent film, yet offered his audience a happy ending.'

Wing Commander CIC At EA Mythic - Archiving Project
Origin fans doing an amazing archiving job at EA Mythic (where a lot of Origin's kit is now stored). Hope all that data is going somewhere safe - and public, maybe?

The Plush Apocalypse » Blog Archive » The case for more specialty/boutique/indie/etc. publishing labels in games.
Excellent article from Borut - I agree in a lot of ways, but the Internet solves distribution problems if you publish electronically (see: Aquaria), so I wonder if this concept works nowadays. Label reputation is the big plush, though.