- Charmed, I'm sure, to introduce you to the latest set of GameSetLinks, headed by the Boston Globe poking happily at Conduit Labs' new PC online game project, which appears to have some music boogie going on, rawk.

Also in here - a predictably iffy Chinese 'cover version' of Chrono Trigger for NES/Famicom, as well as odd sci-fi game-ish fiction, Sierra's history in archived games, more on Robotology, 'organic games' exposed, and more.

Yay nay zonday:

The idea factory - The Boston Globe
Aha, what Conduit Labs are up to: 'LoudCrowd, their multiplayer Internet dance game that's been under development for five months.'

CinnamonPirate.com » Blog Archive » Am I a cart dreaming I am worth playing?
The pirate Chrono Trigger for NES is, evidently, one big mess.

The Brainy Gamer: Narrative manifesto
Great post on the evolution of concepts for games.

auntie pixelante › calamity annie v2
Rumor has it that someone not unadjacent to GSW may be a secret character in this version.

Trends in Japan » Tereshibai from Konami for digital storytelling
"A toy television programmed with animated versions of fairy tales. The cool part however is the voice over, which is created by reading aloud the words on the screen into the accompanying microphone."

Adviser - WSJ.com
Notable stat in here which I think is unrevealed elsewhere: 'Mr. Blow estimates that he spent more than $180,000 of his own money during the past three years to develop Braid.' - 55k sales so far is excellent.

Ascii Dreams: Prince Charming
Extremely interesting game-focused sci-fi.

HTTG: 'The Beginnings of Sierra Part 1 | How They Got Game'
More great history and pics from the Cabrinety Collection @ Stanford.

Robotology: Sim vs Game | metablog
More on the N+ sequel: 'Gish and Soldat are maybe the best attempts to properly fuse simulation and game in equal parts, but in both cases it’s still not a perfectly even match.'

Let there be life: Games go organic - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
Profiling Flower and PixelJunk Eden, among others.