- Time for some weekend-ish GameSetLinks, headed by Ryan at sister site GamerBytes kindly pointing out what's probably the announcement of GC in Leipzig so far for me - that GTI Club is due out for PS3 digital download later this year. It's a beloved, if obscure mid-'90s arcade favorite for me, so kudos to whoever decided to dig it out.

Also hanging out in here somewhere - some preposterous deconstruction of the even more preposterous Red Alert 3 trailer, MSNBC on layoffs in the game biz (aw), the tremendous Magnetic Shaving Derby, odd Lithuanian console games you haven't noticed, and lots more besides.

Set to stun:

GamerBytes - GTI Club+ Coming To PlayStation Network
Wow, this is a cult classic arcade game particularly beloved of Europeans, so MUCH kudos to whoever decided to bring it back for PSN.

Red Alert 3 Trailer Analysis: “War and Boobs” | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Leigh and Gillen are the Sonny and Cher of live-action trailer criticism.

Jeremy's 1UP Blog: Famicom 25th, Part 25: The podcasted finale
Megaton in podcast form, with Kohler, our own Nutt, Parish and others rhapsodizing x100. PS - I had a ZX Spectrum.

Going to Space? First Stop: Eight Months of Grueling Training in Russia's Star City
Great Kushner article on Richard 'Lord British' Garriott's run into space.

Super Colossal » Componetry
Intriguing, an Australian architecture office blogging about Braid's component-based level construction and comparing to buildings.

Pink slips in the Teflon-coated games biz - On the Level- msnbc.com
Interesting piece on the recent layoffs, despite a quote from me.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Magnetic Shaving Derby (nyarlu labs)
Awesome DS homebrew: 'The objective of Magnetic Shaving Derby is simple - attract the razor using the magnet as you attempt to make a clean shave without incurring any injuries.'

Agetec's product page for 'Fading Shadows'
Whoa, some kind of abstract Lithuanian (!) PSP fantasy puzzle game. Interesting. It just came out, too. Also for PS2 by the same folks - Falling Stars - also looks v.intriguing.

MTV Multiplayer » If Video Game Boxes Gave Credit, They’d Look Like This…
Alllmost, but DVDs don't do this, right? Would make a lot more sense on the back of the box, not the front.

Joystick Division: Video Game News, Views and Reviews - CHUCK NORRIS: Unboxing porn?
Gameloft is _really_ doing a Chuck Norris game?