[Vox Populi, a somewhat unexpected new development for GameSetWatch, is a new bi-weekly column discussing things we've heard - and things you've told us - about video games today, and video games in the future.]

Well, there was a first Vox Populi column, and shortly thereafter - there was a second. And now, somewhat inevitably, there's a third column - more precisely, this column. Let's see what we've dug up:

- Factor 5's long-term relationship with Nintendo consoles - before its move to PS3 with the disappointing Lair - is well known. Well, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht has previously confirmed that the company is developing a Wii game, sure.

But Vox Populi has confirmed that the company has two Wii titles in development - a Wii game for Nintendo (might be Kid Icarus, right?), as well as Wii title for another publisher. The San Rafael studio's 2010 title for Brash will also be ending up on the Wii, in addition to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Also confirmed: that Turrican revival is not in active development and Factor 5 is seeking a publisher for the title, which they intend to aim at next-gen platforms.

- Vox Populi has been keeping tabs on Renegade Kid, the Austin developer that created last year's rather neat DS horror title Dementium: The Ward, and is making Moon for DS right now. Now, we hear they're working on something mysterious called Son of the Dragon - might this be the moniker for the Wii game the studio has under development?

- Sony's portable machine seems to be getting another original, first-party exclusive - part of its attempted Western renaissance. Vox Populi found a job listing citing that the Sony Liverpool studio needs people to "work on an original IP PSP project." Previously, the only PSP games out of the veteran first-party studio have been entries in the Formula 1 and Wipeout franchises.

- According to Vox Populi's sources, sometimes un-noticed - but increasingly large - Montreal developer Artificial Mind & Movement (Monster House, WET, Happy Feet), traditionally console-centric, is starting planning on some un-named massively multiplayer titles. In fact, the studio's headcount of around 450 makes the notion of developing multiple MMOs at the same time plausible. Let's see what eventuates, hm?

- Vox Populi stumbled upon an interesting statutory filing by Electronic Arts, for a game mysteriously called Gunhead. Very blunt name for an EA project - maybe tipsters can help us out with what this title actually is? For what it's worth, we do not believe that this is the Redwood Shores M-rated action-adventure mentioned in the last column, though.

[DISCLAIMER: Vox Populi is the voice of the people. Literally. So it lives on what it hears. Please send it information. It endeavors to ensure that the information in this entertaining missive is correct, but, citing an excellent, similar column in another medium: "All stories are sourced from well-connected individuals. But I urge you to use your judgment and remember, context is everything."]