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BioWareWell, I made it back, gentle friends. I swam through the river of man and came out the other side with schwag and a few business cards. Thanks to my high level of alcohol tolerance, I managed to almost pull off a straight-faced interview with David Gaider from Bioware as well as demo a few new board games.

Now it be time to regale ye with tales from the nerdy sea. I sat in on a 20 minute Dragon Age demo, and as I mentioned earlier, interviewed David Gaider, the lead writer for this game and long-time BioWare contributor. If you're curious, he's the guy who wrote HK-47 in Knights of the Old Republic. That means he's awesome.

Anyway, Dragon Age looks pretty interesting so far. Fans of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale will not be disappointed when this game drops early next year. Being developed exclusively (well, as of this writing) for the PC means that many of my hardcore PC friends will be completely psyched.

BioWare is going back to the 4 man party system and has developed this story and world from scratch, so we won't be seeing any old D&D or Star Wars friends this time around. The content and design appear to be M rated, so we won't be having to worry about this story having a happy-go-lucky feel to it. Overall, I'm pretty anxious to get my shaky hands on it.

Evez0r Onlinez0rMythic, as was the case last year, was busy showing off Warhammer Online and doing so very successfully. They were having PvP demonstrations and had a few stations set up to allow the public to beat each other senseless. The ever-charming Jeremy Dale was there, showing off his leet animating skillz by, uh, standing around. Eve Online was there, as always.

Turbine games were also present at the show. They were handing out trial subscriptions to Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. The booth was packed all day, so someone had to be doing something right.

The Atari booth was basically the same way. They were demoing The Witcher and running trailers for Sacred 2. There were a few other PC gaming booths, but most of them didn't really draw my attention. The Fable 2 booth was handing out free pub games vouchers. There were running demos of the Champions game, which looks cool if you're into super-heroes.

I spent a good amount of time in the board game area as well. I'd hate to short change those events, so I'll save that for my next installment. I even saw Bud Bundy. I just hope he didn't see me.

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