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Gary GygaxI know that I haven't written in a while - I have a good reason for that, but I won't get into it now. Instead, let's discuss the heart of why I'm posting: GenCon.

So, true believers, GenCon is back and the Nerd has noticed. It's once again time for me to head to Indy and see what's going on with all the board games and, well, 12 computer games that manage to get shown every year. Shall we?

I know that some of you must be wondering why a hard drinking bastard such as me would even care about a board game convention, or board games at all.

Well, it's because I have a heart. A heart that beats only for the solace that can be brought from popping out cardboard pieces and sealing them in a ziplock bag. The rules and errata from board gaming brings a certain level of control to my otherwise chaotic life. That, and I get into GenCon for free.

Being such an important member of the media has it's perks. For one, I get a free small soda at the movies for showing off my press badge. It's not all THAT glamorous, of course, but there are other little bonuses. Such as getting into GenCon for free, as I mentioned earlier. FREE! GenCon is like hanging out at a bus station and watching a pay TV until it's booze time, except the TV is free and there are many more things for me to break. That's where you come in.

Since I'm a mess most of the time, I can't really commit to seeing things and reporting on them like a normal human being. In fact, I can't really be bothered to commit to actually GOING to GenCon, but I probably will.

That in mind, I'd love to hear from you guys about what you'd like for me to focus my blurred vision on in order to provide much-needed knowledge about all the new card games that creepy people will be playing at Barnes & Noble in the months to come.

In all seriousness, though, I'd like to take a moment to remember Gary Gygax. I never got to meet the man, though I did see him a couple of times. He was always surrounded by a group of adoring nerds. You know, people make fun of D&D and gamers, but they're an interesting and loyal lot. I hope it can be said of me, when I die, that I'll be remembered by tons of faithful nerds.

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