-[Since I know a number of game developers do (hopefully!) read GSW, a quick call to arms - maybe you'd like to anonymously comment on your reputation and direct interactions with the top publishers for our sister mag's annual countdown? Sure you would.]

The editors of Game Developer magazine are asking all game professionals to complete a brief anonymous survey which will help decide the rankings of this year's renowned 'Top 20 Publishers' feature.

For this year's sixth annual Top 20 Publishers countdown, following last year's Nintendo-topping chart, the magazine is looking for two sets of feedback.

The first part is a reputational section, where all participants can rank and, optionally, comment on all major publishers.

The second part is open only to those game industry professionals who have managed or participated in relationships with specific publishers, either as employees or as third-party developers. Both are part of the same survey form.

This feedback will be combined with a multitude of other stats such as revenue, average game review percentages, and release SKU amounts, to determine the final Top 20 to be revealed in the October 2008 issue of Game Developer magazine.

All of the survey feedback is completely anonymous, and this year, alongside the in-depth magazine article and information disseminated on Gamasutra.com, full, canonical data will also be available in a forthcoming report from Game Developer Research.

The Top 20 Publishers survey will remain open until Wednesday, August 27th.