[Aha, another Austin GDC-related event organized by my colleague and GCG supremo Jill Duffy, this time for folks wanting to get into the biz, with the excellent Harvey Smith (what _is_ he working out at Arkane?) giving the keynote.]

The organizers of the Game Career Seminar at Austin GDC have announced Arkane Studios' Harvey Smith as the keynote for this year's educational event, talking about the 'Luckiest People Alive', with other GCS speakers from Vicarious Visions, Nexon, Ghostfire, and more.

The event, organized by Think Services (also parent of Gamasutra) is held on September 17th, and takes place at the Austin Convention Center during Austin GDC.

Smith, currently working at Arkane Studios' relatively new Austin office, will provide the keynote address, entitled "Luckiest People Alive." Smith's previous works have included the critically-acclaimed Deus Ex for Ion Storm, where he served as the lead designer of the 2000 BAFTA award-winning game.

In his talk, Smith will discuss what he sees as an imminent explosion of change, creativity, and possibility within the world of interactive entertainment.

The Game Career Seminar presents an opportunity for students, graduates and aspiring game developers to meet and network with human resources personnel from various game developers and learn how to enter the thriving game development world.

Smith was recognized as the winner of the Game Design Challenge at GDC 2006 with his "Peace Bomb" game concept aimed at winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Working on game development professionally since 1993, Smith has served as studio creative director at Midway Games' Austin office, as lead designer of Fireteam at Multitude, and Origin Systems.

The line-up of speakers at the Game Career Seminar also includes:

- Eduardo Baraf, Director of Product Management at Tabula Digita, Inc.
- Brenda Brathwaite, Game Designer and Instructor at Savannah College of Art and Design
- Jennifer Bullard, Senior Producer, Aspyr Media
- Jill Duffy, Editor of GameCareerGuide.com
- Paula Fellbaum, Vice President of Human Resources, Nexon Publishing
- Darius Kazemi, President of Orbus Gameworks
- James Portnow, Game Designer and CCO of Divide by Zero Games
- Ed Roman, CEO, Ghostfire Games
- Brandon Sheffield, Editor-in-Chief of Game Developer Magazine
- Brandon Van Slyke, Game Designer at Vicarious Visions

To register for the Austin Game Career Seminar or for more information, please visit the official Game Career Seminar website.