So, we just launched the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival a few days back, as you may recall - with some of the topline additions including some neat new judges and a new Innovation Award.

Anyhow, yesterday I spent much of my lazy Sunday, as Chairman of the Independent Games Festival, improving the official IGF website - and one of the neat things now fully fleshed out is a semi-canonical history of IGF press clippings on, linking to the major press coverage of the show over the previous few years.

There's a surprisingly large amount of stuff in here, some of which you probably haven't seen - from this year's excellent video coverage, through Wired News covering the indies to watch, to Veronica Belmont (nowadays at Sony's Qore) chatting to IGF folks at the IGF Pavilion for Mahalo.

I also took some time to go through the Gamasutra 'Road To The IGF' features written by folks such as myself and Alistair Wallis in previous years - there's a gigantic amount of interviews with IGF finalists or just plain entrants to read through. And of non-associated websites,'s IGF interview coverage is the most canonical - it goes all the way back to 2002, blimey.

Anyhow, browse the giganto set of links at your pleasure, and final reminders, then - the deadline to enter the competition is November 2008, and the IGF Pavilion and Awards itself will be taking place in March 2009 at Game Developers Conference 2009 in San Francisco.