- Browsing recent feedback on GameSetWatch often uncovers some gems - such as a new comment from Craig Sams on a January 2007 GSW post about Namco arcade machine obscurities.

Sams specifically posted about Prop Cycle (aka PropCycle), Namco's 1995 dedicated arcade machine which had the player pedaling a bicycle to collect balloons in a vibrant fantasy world in which you must "...Master the Art of Flying and become the Savior of Solitar." No, really. He noted:

"Propcycle is an example of a brilliant concept that failed in the execution. It cost too much for a person to learn how to fly, navigate, remember the routes and the balloon locations, so most people who tried it quickly ran out of money and looked elsewhere for a game with a gentler learning curve.

Once you got good at it (as I did) then you could play a 4-level game with 3 free replays if you hit a certain target score. So the arcade operators saw the triallists disappearing and experts like me sitting there playing for 40 minutes for £1 ($2). So the machines went out.

I bought 2 - one sits in my exercise studio next to my Pilates Reformer and one's in storage if I even need a new motherboard or spare parts. My top scores are in the 19125 to 19750 range, probably the highest in the world. It's the best exercise as every second is worth 50 points, so you pedal like fury to get all the balloons in the minimum time.

I think I could fly a plane in World War 1 now, I've gotten very adept at realistic flying at lowish speeds."

But what's particularly interesting is Mr. Sams' homepage, which reveals of the businessman: "In partnership with my wife Josephine Fairley I founded Green & Black's Organic Chocolate in 1991, an award-winning organic and fair trade confectionery brand whose Maya Gold chocolate was the first product to carry the Fairtrade Mark."

So there you go - successful gourmet chocolate eco-entrepreneurs swear by awesome old Namco cycling-based arcade machines as exercise fodder. Maybe it's time for Namco to do a Wii conversion of this, complete with exercise bike add-on? That would be completely, epochally awesome.