- Time to catch up on what's been happening on Gamasutra and other Think Services sites so far this week - and there's some notably diverse features up there, from Mick West on fluid dynamics through an interview with Q's Reo Yonaga that is particularly GSW-eclectic - and has Tim Rogers question-asking cameos, blimey.

Also in here - more goodness from GameFest, some choice GameCareerGuide.com tidbits, and news of Bruce Sterling keynoting our own Austin GDC event, for some futuristic fun in the Texas sun. Here's the full line-up:

Gamasutra Features

Q's Hidden Genius: Reo Yonaga Speaks
"Although Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the public face of Q Entertainment, designer Reo Yonaga is a vital collaborator on titles such as Lumines [& Ninety-Nine Nights, pictured!] - and Gamasutra has the first major Western interview with the vibrant developer."

Practical Fluid Dynamics: Part 2
"Following up his popular recent article, Neversoft co-founder Mick West explains the technical details - including source code - of creating dynamic fluid systems such as smoke for video games."

Towards More Meaningful Games: A Multidisciplinary Approach
"In this thought-provoking design piece, writer Sande Chen (The Witcher) takes a look at how to ratchet up emotional intensity - through narrative design, visuals, and music - to create more meaningful games."

Gamasutra News Originals

EA's Beaver Talks Dead Space's M-Rated Quandary
"Talking to Gamasutra, producer Chuck Beaver has been discussing Electronic Arts' decision to go M-rated with sci-fi horror title Dead Space, explaining: "When we pitched the game, we had to figure out a way that we weren't just going to be a tiny niche market - torture porn" - also discussing the game's HUD-less, cutscene-less approach."

Microsoft's Heutchy Details Social Interaction With Xbox Live Party
"At Microsoft's ongoing GameFest, Xbox platform engineer Eric Heutchy gave more insight into the Xbox 360's forthcoming Xbox Live Party features, the newly expanded group chat/gaming initiative to be included in its next dashboard update -- full breakdown within."

NetDevil's Brown On Learning From Mistakes For Jumpgate Evolution
"Colorado's MMO specialist NetDevil has a fascinating history of late, with its canceled Auto Assault, the signing of LEGO Universe, and now the compactly developed Jumpgate Evolution, being made with a staff of just thirteen. In this Gamasutra interview, co-founder Scott Brown talks about that title and the company at large."

Other Neat Stuff

Educational Feature: Iterative Design
"Experienced game designers throw around the word ‘iterate’ like it’s an old football, but students and industry newcomers might not know what a heavily loaded word it can be, so Vicarious Visions designer Brandon Van Slyke demystifies the word in the latest GameCareerGuide.com feature."

2008 Austin GDC Reveals Bruce Sterling Keynote
"The 2008 Austin Game Developers Conference has revealed noted SF author and futurist Bruce Sterling as the keynote for the Writing Track at the September 15th-17th conference, giving a speech named: 'Computer Entertainment 35 Years from Today'."

GameCareerGuide.com's Game Design Challenge: Player Aid
"The Game Design Challenge is a weekly exercise in becoming a game developer, asking you to look at games in a new way. This week's challenge is: Design a player aid for the board game Risk."