- Aha, the rest of the week have brought some pretty notable original features, interviews, and other articles from big sister site Gamasutra and other Think Services sites - particularly because we had people simultaneously at GameFest, Comic-Con, and Casual Connect.

It was probably Brandon Sheffield's interview with David Cage about storytelling and censorship in games, as it pertains to (the pictured) Heavy Rain that got a lot of the notice. But there's a lot of other neat stuff in here - here's the full line-up:

Gamasutra Features

Dreaming of a New Day: Heavy Rain's David Cage
"Quantic Dream founder David Cage created the emotional storytelling in the acclaimed Indigo Prophecy, and, with Heavy Rain intending to take things further, Gamasutra talks to him about maturity and censorship in gaming."

Working Remotely: Yes, It Sounds Good, But How Do You Actually Do It?
"Can the game industry make telecommuting work for its employees? Midway and Maxis veteran Simpson looks in detail at how game developers can set up a remote working-friendly ethos - and make better games along the way."

Gamasutra News Originals

Prince of Persia Creator Jordan Mecher To Helm New Karateka Game
"Karateka, the 1984 debut effort from Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, will see its first true followup since the original game, Mechner has revealed during a San Diego Comic-Con panel. Brief details inside - along with an amusing tale of a particularly unique Karateka Easter egg."

Comic-Con: Street Fighter IV's Ono On Continuing The '2D Series'
"As part of his Comic-Con presentation attended by Gamasutra, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has been discussing the upcoming Capcom franchise rebirth, suggesting: "Street Fighter is not a 3D game. It's a 2D series, and we're keeping with that tradition.""

Gamefest: Capitalizing On Middleware
"Speaking at a group panel at Seattle’s Gamefest, Epic’s Michael Capps and a trio of Unreal Engine 3 licensees presented their company’s experiences on how to best make an out-of-the-box engine fit a project’s specific requirements."

Casual Connect: Hawkins Defines The Omni Media Gamer
"Delivering a keynote at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle, Digital Chocolate CEO and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins described the iPhone as "better than Star Trek" and predicted the rise of the Online Media Gamer (OMG), consumers attracted to online games because of accessibility and social features."

Gamefest: How GTA IV's Niko Bellic Got Animated
"How did capture/animation studio Image Metrics help bring Grand Theft Auto IV's characters to life? Head of production David Barton and technical director Vladimir Mastilovic explained how Niko Bellic was brought from actor to game in this detailed Gamefest presentation."

Comic-Con: Will Wright On 'Your Fans Entertaining You More Than You're Entertaining Them'
"Talking at a special Comic-Con presentation of Spore attended by Gamasutra, Maxis' Will Wright has been discussing the success of the Creature Creator for the game, quipping: "At some point, your fans are entertaining you more than you're entertaining them.""

Big Fish CSO: 'Casual' And 'Hardcore' Insufficient To Define Market
"During the Casual Connect conference in Seattle, web-oriented game developer and distributor Big Fish Games presented its research into gamer buying and playing habits - and determined that the labels "casual" and "hardcore" are far from sufficient in an ever-diversifying market."

GameFest: How Halo 3's 'Lots And Lots Of Sparks' Got Made
"Is the effect artist one of the unsung heroes of today's game biz? Bungie's Steve Scott, who created Halo 3's fire and flames, revealed the graphical secrets behind the title at Microsoft's GameFest developer conference in Seattle, and Gamasutra was there to document it."