Well, we've covered all of the E3 news on GSW, of course, but during the course of the week, we actually posted a bunch of neat features on Gamasutra, so would like to mention them briefly here.

[Oh, and also E3-related and worth mentioning - our 'console digital download' site GamerBytes, under editor Ryan Langley, has been doing a sterling job of rounding up the E3 announcements for XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare - here's one example, go check out the site if you haven't been.]

Anyhow, here's the Gama feature links for the week:

Redefining Game Narrative: Ubisoft's Patrick Redding On Far Cry 2
"Ubisoft Montreal's Far Cry 2 has one of the most ambitious open-ended, emergent game narratives ever - and Gamasutra talks to its guardian, Patrick Redding, about just how he can pull it off."

Surviving High School: A Mobile Survivor Story
"How do you succeed with original IP in the license-heavy cellphone game biz? Vivendi's Palley discusses the trials and tribulations of creating Surviving High School, which has sold over 10 million downloadable 'episodes' since launch."

Measuring Responsiveness in Video Games
"Neversoft co-founder Mick West follows up his previous responsiveness article with a cunning how-to about using a digital camera to track 'controller lag' - benchmarking games from GTA through Heavenly Sword along the way."

Top 10 Pitfalls Using Scrum Methodology for Video Game Development
"Industry veteran Miller looks at the leading Agile methodology for game development, suggesting the ten top pitfalls - and ways to overcome them - for those using Scrum to manage a video game project."

PlatinumGames: Shaking Up Japanese Games
"Rising from the ashes of Okami creator Clover Studio, principals from PlatinumGames talk to Gamasutra about its Sega deal, the state of the Japanese game biz, and its plans to "create games that have a worldwide appeal"."

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