Well, it appears to be midweek already, so it's time to round up some of the best original content posted on GameSetWatch's big sister site Gamasutra and our other subsites so far this week - and there's been some pretty neat stuff, actually.

Particularly recommended - our full-length tech features on responsiveness by Mick West, and on dialogue systems for games, as well as a chat I grabbed yesterday with Google Lively co-creator Mel Guymon, and fine interactions with Microsoft and Ubisoft Montreal staffers, plus the legendary Nolan Bushnell.

Onward and upward:

Programming Responsiveness
"If you can't control your actions in a game, might the game be to blame? In a technical article, Neversoft co-founder Mick West examines the problem of - and solutions for - response lag in game code."

Q&A: Google Announces Lively Online World
"Internet giant Google has announced Google Lively, a browser-based, game engine-using online world which is embedded in major social networks such as Facebook - Gamasutra talks to Google's Mel Guymon about the surprising announcement."

Defining Dialogue Systems
"In an in-depth Gamasutra analysis piece, Ellison looks at the universe and history of player-NPC dialogue in games, analyzing titles from Mass Effect through Facade to The Sims and beyond."

In-Depth: Greenberg Talks The State Of Xbox 360
"Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg targeted Xbox 360's rivalry with Wii in a much-discussed story last week - the full Gamasutra interview with Greenberg is now available, adding commentary on digital distribution, the Asian markets, and the concept of the all-in-one entertainment console - more within."

Nolan Bushnell: What The Game Industry Misses
"Legendary Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell is still in the biz, chairing the board of casual in-game ad firm NeoEdge and working on restaurant gaming startup uWink - and Gamasutra quizzes him in-depth on his projects and video games today."

The China Angle: Reaching Into The Heartland Of China
"Why would one of China's largest online games company's invest in a dating site? In Gamasutra's latest China Angle column, Frank Yu looks at Giant Interactive's recent $51 million stake in 51.com, concluding that the move will give the MMO giant greater reach into the country's less populated but significant urban centers."

2008 Austin GDC Audio Track To Include Sony Keynote, fl0w Session
"Organizer and Gamasutra parent company Think Services has announced that the audio track at its Sept. 15-17th Austin GDC will include sessions from fl0w composer Austin Wintory, representatives from Slipgate Ironworks, and a keynote from Sony Audio Manager Jason Page (Coolboarders 2, Gran Turismo)."

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