Ah yes, GameSetLinks returns for the weekend, headed up by some fun and games about Too Human, ahead of its release - seems like issuing a challenge was a bit red rag/bull-ish for Internet crazies.

Also in here and markedly more sensible - weapons being sent to game journalists, game writing surveyed, a Korean steampunk MMO poked at, a Namco micro-game collection to drool in the direction of, and more.

Yakety sax:

YouTube - too human vs. benny hill
Denis Dyack pre-emptively going on GAF has driven the fanboys to distraction, hence this - also see silly GIF mashups.

Infinite Lives » Fact: PR frequently mails weapons to games journalists
Weapons sent to journalists - THE LOWDOWN.

PressSpotting: What reviewers can say and when - GameSpot News Blog - Gaming News and Videos
Excellent media column, still a little lost on GameSpot, but glad it exists.

Kotaku: 'Marker Man Adventures: Majesco's Marker Man Adventures Sounds Crayon Physics-ish'
IGF influences, if not overt licensing - clones are easier, mm?

b3ta.com Photoshop-manglers on Wii Fit, post-chip shop
Not mature, still somewhat funny.

Barnett On: Why I Don’t Go To GDC | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Actually, there's a lot more 'Vision'-style stuff in GDC than there used to be - and this is interesting, hence linkable.

Gametrailers.com - Bokura no TV Game Kentei - Japanese TV Spot
Hey, nice, a Namco oldskool version of Wario Ware for DS, more or less - via Frank

1UP: 'Has Game Writing Finally Come of Age?'
Ahem, 1UP fast becoming best feature site of major consumer game sites.

AVING USA on Steampunk MMORPG Neo-Steam
Ooooo, steampunk MMO - if very Korean, and with adorably mangled English interview from AVING.

Monster Hunter Toys Take Over Akihabara | Game | Life from Wired.com
Nice round-up of geeky game stuff in Tokyo, innit?