Ah yesh, a delicious three-day weekend for those of us in the United States.

But of course, GSW will be with you throughout, thanks to the power of queuing well in advance and then letting auto-posting do its job.

Wandering around the GameSetLinks mix this time - stalking Valve at closing Starbucks, a Gridrunner+++ XBLA video I didn't notice previously, Wall-E in Arabic, Jon Mak's TOJam game, more iPod games of some interest, and lots more.

Doh reh mi:

YouTube - Plush Donkey plays Grid Runner+++
Totally missed this from Feb, a typically weird Minter-esque preview of his next XBLA title - via Rlan.

Kotaku Stalku: The Shocking Coffee-Drinking Habits Of Valve EXPOSED
We need more journalism like this!

MangaGamer.com - localized Japanese hentai games.
A new source of digital download, localized Japanese PC gaming (NSFW when you enter site) smut, I see.

Marketwire: GamesRadar Releases a Free Videogame Data API
'GamesRadar, Future US, Inc.'s online gaming information site, has released a free and publicly available games data API' - very interesting idea, not sure on monetization, but nonetheless...

Rolando by Handcircus - coming soon for iPhone and iPod touch
Just sliiightly LocoRoco, art-style wise, but different gameplay control techniques, so hey.

Games 2008 | Toronto Game Jam | TOJam
Mustn't forget to post this - another great local game jam, and a crapload of neat games, including a Jon Mak doodle, even.

PWN or DIE - Gaming Videos, Cheats, and Reviews
New game site from FunnyOrDie folks (Will Ferrell and friends). Hmmm.

GSW Column - No More « Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen
Sorry to see Chris go - I think he was hitting the sweet spot, but subtlety doesn't always lead to comments, I guess.

Wall-E Is the First Arabic Language Next-Gen Game | GameCulture
Interesting catch.

Choose Your Own Adventure from 1UP.com
'The past, present, and future of interactive fiction' - obvious to complete GSW geeks, but still v.neat!