- Still catching up on those darn GameSetLinks from the weekend, and this time, it's headed up by Daniel Cook's impassioned defense of Soul Bubbles, a title mentioned more than once on GSW that's rapidly becoming a cult hit, at least in terms of buzz.

Also in here somewhere - stories of failed game startups, PlayStation 3 Linux ports of neat indie games being mysteriously halted, Emily Short plays iPhone games, Kyle Orland on finishing games and reviewing them, and quite a few more.

To the sky:

Lost Garden: Soul Bubbles: A classic game ill treated by expert reviewers
The bigger point - game reviews don't work for some games. 'Expert reviewers' is an oxymoron - it's about experiences.

GameSpot News: 'PressSpotting: Are You Done With That Game?'
Well, we are now!

Diary of a Failed Startup: Postmortem
A game-related start-up that didn't work - honest feedback. (Via Psychochild.)

Cave Story for PS3 Linux is cancelled « Peter Mackay’s projects and development diary
Time for rumors, hmm?

E3 - brave new worlds? The three most interesting games at the show | Games | guardian.co.uk
Some good picks here, including MadWorld.

iPhone adventures - The Gameshelf
Looking at 'Adventure' for the iPhone, heh.

The videogames that will never see the light of day | Technology | The Guardian
Fergus McGovern is talking about Resident Evil for Game Boy Color.

Aqua Forest review « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
'The iPhone’s Aqua Forest game is another of those inventive rarities that could only exist on this platform.'

A Tree Falling in the Forest: What's the Point: E3 Wrap Up Edition
'Twenty minutes later someone opened the door. With the exception of a half full outdoor garbage can, the room was completely empty.'

HMBG Foundation's ArtSpark Festival has an Indie Games Showcase, August 11th, Austin
Also see this Facebook event - not making it that easy to track, but worth keeping a note of!