- Good Lord, I _still_ have GameSetLinks left over from last weekend? What a terrible embarrassment. Fortunately, most of them are obscure enough that you won't mind, dear GSW reader - starting with a Chinese documentary criticizing World Of Warcraft.

Also in here - (the pictured) Mike Patton interviewed on his video game voice work, the return of The Yes Men, the epidemic of 'bloom' in the game biz, how much the FragDolls actually get paid, and lots more.

Eu reek ah:

EastSouthWestNorth: Daily Brief Comments July 11-20, 2008
With vids/translations - [Chinese TV station 'CCTV showed a series of programs titled 'Battling Internet Demons' that targeted the online game 'World of Warcraft' for its addictiveness and the required treatments by experts.' - Via Kaiju Shakedown.

Invading copyright is just a game for The Times - currybetdotnet
Space Invaders clone on the newspaper's website with a really silly disclaimer - via ExtCir.

Mike Patton Interview | The A.V. Club
Great Gus Mastrapa piece talking about Patton's video game voiceover work.

Water Cooler Games - Yes Men Exhibition
'While the group's work is not necessarily game-related, some may remember their spoofing of a serious games conference in the UK two years ago.' Indeed, compete awesome. We'll see what they do this time.

Versus CluClu Land: Jazz and American Game Design
'These two differing approaches to game design point to a creative tension in many of the best recent games that is like the conflict described in Gioia's assessment of Jazz history.'

Player statistics return with a vengeance - The Steam Review
'Steam’s player statistics were taken down the other week, to a small amount of wailing and teeth gnashing in the forums. Now they’re back, and better than ever.'

Bloom Disasters - The Quixotic Engineer
'To properly illustrate my concern about the proliferation of bloom, I’d like to show you some examples of bloom gone wrong.'

King of Diamonds | OXM ONLINE
Hey, Krispy Kreme knows the Xbox Live Diamond card!

ProPublica Announces More Staff Additions; Newsroom Will Include Seven Pulitzer Winners
The concept of 'a non-profit newsroom producing journalism in the public interest' is a wonderful one - esp. when investigation-oriented.

Wanted: Female gamer, must take no prisoners | Technology | Los Angeles Times
The FragDolls get paid $15,000 to $30,000 a year for the part-time gig? Interesting. $300 a day for E3.

Why Chris Anderson's "Long Tail" theory might be all wrong. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine
'It's true that we're now buying more obscure movies and music than ever before. But we're merely nibbling on these niches.' V. important for games, too - via Bittanti. Also notable for mentioning Twelve, which is high-concept/needed in games.