The GameSetLinks hits the weekend, with news of some new PSN titles via sister 'console download' site GamerBytes, but also sad news that the Slamdance Games Festival is cancelled for the foreseeable future - after submissions were made for a festival to be held in Los Angeles later this year.

While it certainly got embroiled in controversy at one point, Slamdance was the first major indie games festival outside of the IGF, and helped pave the way for further festivals/showcases such as PAX 10 and Indiecade. So it will be missed.

Un deux trois:

Analyst Whacks Entertainment Industry: Major Cannibalization Set To Begin… Now |
Really interesting graphs on the rise and fall of VHS vs. DVD, cassette vs. CD.

GamerBytes - PlayStation Support Site Leaks New PSN Titles?
Including (pictured) IGF finalist Cinnamon Beats, very neat indeed.

Slamdance - Games Festival cancellation announcement
'It is with heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of the Slamdance Games Festival for the foreseeable future.' Sorry to hear that - the summer L.A. event didn't work out for them.

Remowned » Blog Archive » Microsoft employee to score hot industry scoops
I'm afraid I showed Remo this page and turned on the torrent of hate. Sorry, guys :P

The Escapist : Ten Things That Don't Suck About the Game Industry
Hey, Jason Della Rocca is happy about things, hurray! Games - Everything Wrong Is Right Again
Parish: 'Mega Man 9 may save video games.'

The Gawker Media Style Guide (Magical Wasteland)
Oh dear. Funny but also the reasons why I find Gawker sites readable simultaneously, heh.

Game On: What's Wrong with the Cutscenes-in-Games Debate
Excellent critique of the recent Gamasutra opinion piece.

Versus CluClu Land: I Asked Harmonix about Note Tracking, and Here's What I Learned
V.interesting! Via Insult Swordfighting.

T=Machine » Kongregate’s Rating/Reputation systems
“I saw this game on [other portal] and [other portal], but I wasn’t going to invest the time playing it until it came to Kong and got badges” Kongregate is the Xbox Live for online games?